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11 Responses

  1. Lance

    oatmeal raisin cookie candle – I mean right out of the damn oven smell…awesome

    my wife/kids right after they get out of the bath or shower candle – whatever they put in their hair is heavenly

    whiskey candle – Jamesons or really anything Irish, mmmm


  2. Abby

    I’m pretty sure Whiskers on Kittens would smell like wet cat food, but then again, so might the Doris Day and Angela Lansbury candles. Anyway, vodka doesn’t have a scent, so I’ll go with Burning Leaves and steamed brown basmati rice. Get on that, if you could. Thanks.


  3. Amy B

    I feel the childhood innocence could also transition into “Troublemaking Teens” bc of the closeness to huffing it provides for all who burn it… How efficient!


  4. Duncan

    Right Out Of The Dryer candle! Just use a few drops of Gain detergent and mix with a little Downey!


  5. Basia

    Freshly mowed lawn candle.
    Waffle cake candle.
    Sunscreen candle (day at the beach).
    Burn cabbage roll candle (Christmas at my house).


  6. Amy Vansant

    I like that last one. I could do “Rolls left in the oven unnoticed until we’re cleaning up at the end of the meal” for Mom’s Christmas.