JupUp? Turtles, crabs and birds (oh my) in Jupiter Florida, Giveaway and Book Deals

I’m in Jupiter, Florida!

#JupUp? (<— this is a saying my husband thinks he’s going to coin/popularize while he’s down here. *eyeroll*)

Desperate to get away from the constant cleaning and scurrying away/hiding that comes with showing a house for sale, we packed up and officially moved to our new house in Jupiter, Florida.  This is us in our empty house moments after we walked in after a 14 hour drive from Maryland – so we look smiley, but really we’re about to collapse. It’s our reflection in the 1980’s wall-to-wall mirror that we need to have torn off the wall…and I’m showing my lack of selfie skills staring at the camera that is in front of my face but…eh.

We’ll be “glamping” for a while as we have no furniture or silverware or hangers… our stuff comes in about a week. At the end of the day when we’re done the constant string of phone calls and orders with ceiling scrapers, painters, pool guys, landscapers, blind manufacturers, Amazon…we like to kick back with a cocktail in our beach chairs, parked in front of a tiny television sitting on an inverted plastic tub, like a boss.

On our first walk we met some chick…and then found out we have crabs…

But my favorite is Shelby, the gopher tortoise who lives under our fence. (Who I think is a girl because she doesn’t have much of a tail. Luckily “Shelby” can go either way, just in case some day I ask her and she answers in a baritone.) We watch her lumber out of her hole every day and plod down through the preserve behind our house along our fence line. I dropped her a few sliced cucumbers and made her day. Watch her chomp!!

Florida is NEVER BORING. I’ll have more to share soon!!


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By Emma Calin

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Blue Blood

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Amy Vansant

4 Responses

  1. Barbara Mealer

    I relate to the moving. I just sold my house in Florida. I’ve been in Arizona for the last couple of years and love the drier climate. I also wanted to see snow again, so I’m up near the Grand Canyon where is it cooler than Phoenix, out in the middle of nowhere (we’re talking 4×4 to get in and out), monsoons which flood the area and 3 feet of snow during the winter.

    Like you, we also have animals in the area but our’s are noisy. The pack of coyotes will wake you up with their yapping. The ravens who love to tease the dogs and get them to barking. The quiet ones are the hummingbirds which come to the feeders we have hanging outside the door. Then there are the antelope who seem to know when I have my camera with me and run away before I can get pictures of them. A couple prairie dogs came with the property, so we need to find a way of discouraging them from bringing in friends. Then there are the free range cattle which come to graze a couple of times a week.

    Luckily, I had most of my things here and just needed to get the last of it, so a five day trip with a 16′ truck was eyeopening, especially when several tornadoes touch down behind you less than ten minutes after leaving that area.

    Anyhow, enjoy the new home. Hopefully your furniture arrives on time and you get settled in with your new ‘friends’ around the area.


  2. Kelly Brackeen

    We are also in the process of moving to a new house in Port St. Lucie. Wait until you meet Sandhill Cranes, Great Egrets, and the Great Blue Heron (never mind all the alligators). Welcome to Florida!


  3. Linda

    Just be on the lookout for gators and really big snakes, seriously


  4. Susan Gromis

    Welcome to Florida! Last year at this time we made the move from Pennsylvania to Vero Beach – we never knew how much We DIDN’T know about the flora and fauna here, but we love it! Do you ever do book signings, or have you been to the Vero Beach Book Center? My favorite indie store!



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