Kate Moss Dior Addict Campaign Rejects

First, I’d like to apologize for accidentally posting (and consequently emailing all my subscribers) the post that is really just my gibberish of ideas…AGAIN.  I think that is about the third time I’ve done that.

I spent half the day yesterday with a s’more stuck in my hair, so you can imagine I’m not always the most self-aware person on the planet and, as my mother would say, “a bit of a dizz-bang.”

To make it up to you, I give you this…

Dior is going for a new “truth in advertising” slant, using “Cocaine Kate” Moss for their new lipstick line “Addict.”

This is either brilliantly ironic or doomed to bring up a lot of unwanted Google search results of Kate looking like something the cat dragged in after an all night party with one of her various loser rocker ex-boyfriends, like this charmer on the right…

Here’s the real Dior ad…

What you don’t know, is a LOT of other people tried to get this coveted ad spot.

Amy Vansant

12 Responses

  1. Lance

    Whenever I hear the song “On The Cover Of The Rolling Stone” by Dr Hook I always think of Kate Moss because of the line “got a girl named Cocaine Katie”.

    The Kim Kardashian one is the funniest.


  2. David

    Funny, scary and unnerving all at once and all before my second cup of Joe. Damn if Kate doesn’t look like she is completely undone. Well, that’ll teach me to be ironic.


  3. iampisspot

    Ok, that Twilight tattoo picture is seriously effed up, I just want to ask “WHY?”

    And also, is it me or do Madonna’s arms looks like penises?


  4. Amy Vansant

    Had to hop right back and check out Madonna’s arms… and you’re not wrong… Maybe she figures when she’s too old to cougar hispanic men, at least she’ll have her own.



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