Kilty Conscience released and if it weren’t for bad luck…

What a week…

I’m having one of those weeks where you’re afraid to say I’m having one of those weeks aloud for fear the black cloud that was finally drifting away hears you and swings back for a second downpour. Nothing serious, just a lot of grrr… and what?! and oh no

For instance, I discovered why they have special products for dishwashers and you can’t just use Dawn when you run out of Cascade.

SUDS ————>

Poison Ivy

I also discovered the dog has been rubbing up against poison ivy growing through the fence and then running right to me to demand pets. Now I have a ring of itch around my hips like a hula skirt I can’t shake. (I’m guessing I itched my hip after touching him and it spread around my waistband. Clever little plant.)

But I can’t be mad at Gordon, because he’s too cute. And he REALLY likes bananas. He snuggled with the plate we used to give them to him when he was done eating.

In Other Good News…

The second book in the Kilty series has been released – whoo whoo!

Kilty Conscience

While investigating the kidnapping of an actor’s child, Broch suspects a woman at the scene is the beauty who’s been haunting his dreams. Worried his reoccurring fantasies are memories of a former life in nineteenth-century Scotland, he vows to discover if the mysterious Fiona is his true love.
Catriona is left confused by both her step-father’s dramatic recount of her appearance in his life and her time-traveling Highlander’s waning affections. She devotes herself to the case — only to discover her romantic rival might hold the key to her own mysterious past.


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  1. Cindy Loving

    But now you could literally eat off of your floor!



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