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Kilty Mind Cover Reveal

Kilty #3 is finished! Just waiting for it to come back from my various editors and then I’ll publish it. On to Pineapple #7 – Pineapple Gingerbread Man!

But here’s a sneak peek at the cover. Kinda creepy, huh? This book is filled with the same thrills and humor as the first three, don’t worry, and hey… it does take place in Hollywood. 🙂

Fast-paced thrills and crackling wit abound as the Highlander and the Hollywood fixer fall in love during a movie studio crisis…by USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author Amy Vansant.

Time-tossed Highlander Brochan doesn’t get a moment to recover from his latest wounds before he and Catriona discover one of Parasol Picture’s biggest stars has been accused of murder. It will be hard for the actor to beat the charge…the body was found under his house with a creepy doll nearby.

When another studio asset is dosed with drugs that send him into a near-fatal frenzy (and another doll is found on his bed), the fixers have to wonder if someone is out to destroy Parasol. It doesn’t help that Catriona’s nefarious sister, Fiona, has moved even closer to the studio and seems inextricably tied to Parasol’s problems.

Brochan and Catriona could find solace in each other, but Brochan insists they get married before they hop into his kip and Cat thinks he needs to embrace the twenty-first century. Is it so much to ask they get to know each other before her adoptive father trades her to the Highlander with a cow and a couple of sheep for a dowry? Though on the upside, Broch says she’s worth at least four cows…

Fans of Janet Evanovich, Ann Charles and Jana DeLeon will delight to find a new series that provides thrills, a few chills, a bit of romance and a good dose of humor.

* There is a partial cliff-hanger – each book can stand alone and is also part of a larger story arc that continues through the series. No graphic sex, some very mild profanity, any bloody crime scenes aren’t super gory. If cozy mystery is G, the Kilty series is PG.

Sound like a series you’d like to try? You can get book one on Amazon (Free through KU!)


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Start Date: 07-20-2018End Date: 08-31-2018

Brewing Death (Auntie Clem’s Bakery Book 5)

By P.D. Workman

Usual Price: 4.99 Sale: New Release

Erin is finally safe and sound in Bald Eagle Falls, with her sister in town and the chance to finally get to know her. She’s done with secrets and murder. But fate and a killer have other things in mind, and before she knows it, she is faced with an unexplained death, with Erin and her friends in the middle of it. Tea and trouble are brewing in Bald Eagle Falls, and Erin doesn’t want to find herself in hot water.

Start Date: 07-16-2018End Date: 08-14-2018

New Page: Sweet Romance (Shady Piers Clean Romance Book 3)

By Alicia Best

Usual Price: 2.99 Sale: .99

When Everett Sullivan’s wife dies in a tragic accident, he falls into a life of despair and grief that he cannot shake off, even five years later. Working in the local library which she set up, he whiles away his days watching it slowly run down, along with his own life.Teacher Holly Burke breezes back from the big city after a very public breakup with a prominent politician and she takes it upon herself to reignite Everett’s life, despite having challenges of her own to overcome.Finally, with time running out for the library, both come together to find that even with the chaos and upsets that life throws up, sometimes love can–and does–shine through.The Shady Piers Romance series novellas are ‘clean and sweet’ contemporary romances with happily ever after endings and no cliffhangers, that can be read as standalone novels all set in Shady Piers, Maine.

Start Date: 07-13-2018End Date: 08-11-2018

Royal and Reckless

By Terry Keys

Usual Price: .99 Sale: .99

Power, money, and fame aren’t the only noble pursuits. Enter the world of the Royal and Reckless, where the blue bloods run red hot, and scorching secrets lie just beneath the polished surface.

Amy Vansant

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    Creepy alright. As soon as I glimpsed the cover I thought “Clockwork Orange”.



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