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This week I found out Florida is NOT kidding around when it comes to lightning. We took these shots from our living room (they were videos and then we pulled the frame). Actually, this first photo looks like a blip on video…but when you go frame by frame, BAM!

And no sooner were we done oohing and ahhing over all the violence outside our window… we heard the emergency broadcast system and this pops up on the television:

I’ll tell you what, Florida is never boring!

Turtles Gone Wild

On the wildlife side of things, we  came across some baby sea turtles on their way to the ocean….

So of course Florida had to even that beautify, peaceful moment out with a non-stop tortoise UFC fight in my back yard. Shelby has been besieged by other turtles, sometimes two at a time, all looking to wrestle with her. We looked it up and it seems two males will do this, and two females will do this, but since we don’t know which Shelby is, we don’t know what’s going on. I’m starting to think she’s a boy. I don’t think girls would wrestle THIS much. By now they would have realized they dated the same jerk in high school, had a good laugh and gone to get wine and tapas.

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Steals & Deals

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Amy Vansant

5 Responses

  1. Connie

    Loved the baby turtles thank you. I did not know turtles wrestled that was funny.


  2. Andrea Rott

    We just had that same storm warning yesterday in Palm Beach County. 2 hours of thunder, lightning and downpour! Lightning strikes so close we could smell sulfur!


  3. Nancy

    Loved the video of the sea turtles making it to the ocean and of Shelby fighting.. be sure to check that they don’t flip one another over and not be able to get back over as if left there too long they can die. Also if you find one on it’s back and you don’t know how long it has been on it’t back turn it over slowly…
    To figure out if Shelby is a boy just pick her/him up and look at the bottom of his shell if it is concave then he is probably a male..If it is flat she is probably a girl. I have a male California Desert Tortoise and most male tortoises do not get along with another male…though there are rare ones that will get along with one that it has been raised with….



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