Me Me Mea Culpa

When you don’t have kids, it is almost impossible to not be a little immature. A tad selfish. It isn’t our fault. Please don’t hold it against us. The fact is, we just never had our Ah-Ha Moment.

When you have kids, there comes that day when you have your Ah-Ha Moment. That moment when it suddenly hits you, “Crap, it isn’t all about me anymore.”

That moment can come in many forms. Maybe you wake up, fully-clothed on the sofa, a knocked over glass of cabernet beside you, and you suddenly realize the reason you woke up is that there is a baby crying in the next room.  And it is yours. And you can’t just slap the snooze button on little Bobby’s head. “Crap,” you think. “It isn’t all about me.”

Maybe it comes when all your friends are going out for the evening spur of the moment and you have to stay with the kid. You want to go… but then you remember how mad everyone got last time when you tossed Johnny Jr. outside with the so he wouldn’t poop on the carpet in your absence.  “Crap,” you think. “It isn’t all about me.”

Maybe it happens when you get a box of chocolates and it turns out little Suzy likes the same kind you do. Last time you managed to hide them from her, but that precocious little Suzy is getting too freaking smart now and she KNOWS this particular box comes with caramels.  “Crap,” you think as you grudgingly hand over the favored chocolate. “It isn’t all about me.”

Want to sleep? Not your decision to make. Want to go to dinner? Not your decision to make. Want to enjoy a quiet movie? Your favorite show? Have uninterrupted sex? Not necessarily up to you.

But with all these inconveniences you grow as a person. You learn patience. You learn giving. You learn to think of others before yourself.

Take a moment to congratulate yourself on your personal growth!

In the meantime I’m going to have a cocktail and then spend the rest of the day watching movies and shopping online for bikinis for my impromptu trip to Florida. Ciao!

Amy Vansant

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