Meet Archie


Our boy is here! We were TOLD he’s a Bordoodle, but we’re pretty sure he’s a BorShoodle (Border Collie/Baby Shark/Standard Poodle) and while he looks big in this photo, he’s only twelve pounds and nine weeks old and an evil genius sent from another planet to taunt us.

If you don’t think he could be part baby shark, I’d like to bring your attention to exhibit #1:

We had to fly to New Orleans to get him, which was nerve-wracking for two people who have barely left the house in a year…and then of course we didn’t sleep for a week thanks to puppy bathroom breaks and a stomach bug that had him dumping his lunch and dinner from one end or the other and had us terrified… but he’s feeling better! No doubt that happened while he was Hoovering the backyard for every foreign object that could fit in his mouth.

The vet said to give him bland chicken and rice and make sure he pooped to be sure there wasn’t a blockage. That worked. In fact, then he refused to eat his food unless we put chicken and rice into it. Which I’m thinking may have been his nefarious plan from the beginning…

We weren’t home an hour before I bent over to put something away and threw out my back. So I also spent the week walking around hunched like a witch. Mike already has a hip flexor injury, so between the two of us, we look a hundred years old. A thousand years old when we’re chasing a puppy.

Now he’s still not exactly perfect with the bathroom breaks (see exhibit #2), but for a baby he’s already learned to go slap his doorbells to go out 90% of the time! And he can sit and give paw.

He can hear, but cannot listen.

Mommy’s little genius mostly uses his brain for evil… He was caught chewing the metal leg of a table so after we told him NO the fifteenth time he picked up a chew toy and held it up against the metal as he chewed the table. Unlucky for him, we know the difference between the sounds of a stuffed chipmunk and a metal table leg.

But of course, all is forgiven the second he looks at us and he owns us.

PS: If you have a dog I highly recommend this bed. It is SO soft and HE LOVES IT. I’m not sure if you can tell.




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9 Responses

  1. Tanya

    He’s very cute 😻 Glad it was probably change of diet, or stress of move. Boiled skinless white chicken and rice usually does the trick. Canned pumpkin will also help, just get the pure type, no spices as they’re poisonous to dogs.
    I rescued for over 40 years and have gone through this more times than I can count. Glad it wasn’t Parvo. Just make sure you don’t take take him out and about until he finishes his puppy shots and is protected.
    And congratulations, he’s a cutie ❤️


  2. Inger

    Well, your evil genius is a lot like our evil genius . I would show you exhibits A through Z but I don’t quite know how . We have teeth marks in all blankets ,all legs ,the deck ,the wood around the deck , anything that sits or moves or just looks interesting is fair game to him . We got him at 7 weeks and he peed once in the house and never anything again so we were lucky there . He learns quickly — too quickly and I believe he understands ‘ human speak ‘ because we have to spell all the time or he goes and does what we are saying. He is lovable but that is his ‘ genius ‘ showing through . Can’t get mad at such a cute little guy — he is now 185 lbs so I guess he isn’t quite as little as he was . Anyway ,your little guy is adorable ,good luck with the chewing and everything else he gets into .
    Inger & Reign the superior intellect of the two .
    P.S. he made me say that ,he’s so egocentric!


  3. Carol

    Between your great books, and cutest dog ever, where do I split my love for both.


  4. Ckaire

    He is adorable! Can’t wait for your next Pineapple Port Mystery🙏


  5. Jane Corrado

    Your puppy is so cute! He’s a smart one! He will keep you on your toes! We called all of our puppies “alligator “ because they had such sharp teeth!


      • SueB Brooks

        Archie is just adorable! And what a little troublemaker, but as you say, one look at him and ALL is lost! Enjoyed the chuckles and laughs I had while reading this, thank you very much. Please continue and let us know how he is doing. I agree that he MUST be part baby shark. That was so precious. I know exactly what you mean about how you felt being out of the house after being in for months. It was super scary and I still don’t feel great about being away from home unless I see everyone wearing masks and social distancing. Taking a plane ride? Nope! Thanks so much for sharing, I loved it, and love Archie.


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