Mercedes Chicken Commercial

Mercedes Chicken Commercial should not be watched if you’re prone to giggles.

This Mercedes Chicken Commercial had me giggling. Try it – bet you can’t keep your head perfectly still while your body moves. But I bet all your co-workers are watching you try….

The nerd in me has to tell you why (thank you OMG Facts): Birds can do this because they have extremely long necks that extend far and are usually shaped like an “S”. This allows them to keep their heads still while their body moves around and gives them the ability to “bob” their heads when they walk. This is all to keep their field of vision steady for a longer period of time. It aids in their ability to detect movement, which allows them to find tiny moving prey, and lets them know when something (like a predator) is approaching.

Mercedes Chicken Commercial Video



mercedes chicken commercial

Amy Vansant

4 Responses

  1. Valencia

    I should not have been eating cereal and watching this. Now there is milk all over my computer desk from me laughing.


  2. Velvet Sparrow

    We never do this with our chickens, I tell you. Never. Because a chicken is not a toy. Well…actually they are the best damned toys ever.



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