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A Light by Any Other Name…

My husband Mike is obsessed with “smart bulbs” and “smart sockets” now, so instead of clicking a button now I have to ask Alexa or Google Assistant to turn on my lights.

But do I say, “Hey Google, turn on the bedroom lights?”

Nooo….that would be too easy.

Mike gave all the lights names.  I have to walk into the bedroom and say “Alexa, turn on Hanky and Panky.” That turns on our two bedroom lamps. And in the front room, I have to say “Hey Google, turn on Love and Hope.” That turns on the two family room lights. But that also means when I turn them off, I have to ask Google to TURN OFF HOPE AND LOVE. And when I do, Mike looks at me disapprovingly and clucks his tongue, shaking his head sadly…like I’ve ruined all his hopes and dreams.


Kilty Conscience Cover

So I have a new cover for Kilty Conscience (Kilty 2) to run by you!

Without giving too much away for those of you who haven’t read it yet, in this book, Broch (Kilty himself) goes though a bit of a romantic struggle, which pulls him away from the main lady (Catriona). So I

thought a cover where he looks like he’s walking away, all sexy like, shakin’ that kilt would be a good idea. Sexy, drama…and still a little funny, because there’s a time-traveling Scottish dude walking down the street.

I think this sticks with the new dramatic thrilling theme that I just added to the first book Kilty as Charged (which is 99c if you didn’t know…)…

Let’s take a quick vote, and feel free to leave your comments at the bottom too!

Do you like the new cover of Kilty Conscience?

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Audio Books

Friend and fellow author Meredith Potts is also promoting a big cozy mystery Audio Book deal page this week, including the new audio book of Pineapple Mystery Box!


Book Specials

The Case of the Quizzical Queens Beagle (The Thousand Islands Doggy Inn Mysteries Book 17) New Release! $3.99

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Broken Promises: A CPS Novel

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11 Responses

  1. Nancy

    OK, now that light thing is funny. My husband named our cat that passed away last month, Scuba the dumpster diver, I wanted Kung Pow Kitten.


  2. Dee

    I like the new cover for “Kilty Conscience” but I have one suggestion and that is to make the kilt brighter, so it shows up better.


  3. Gale S.

    Okay, that was hilarious! I especially liked the part where he “disapproved”. Too funny.


  4. Katie Thompson

    ??? I would name my bedroom The Bat Cave. And it has to be pronounced with an English accent, a la Alfred.


  5. Christine

    Kilty is barefoot walking in the street, that’s what I noticed. Looking in the mirror is good.


  6. Barbara

    At least my son-in-law named the lights sensible names: living room lights, kitchen lights, etc.


  7. Cindy DeGraaff

    Lol with the names of the lights ! Still chuckling about them… Loved the new book cover! What a great view to have in the rear view mirror ( or just what a great rear view to have!)


  8. Rose

    Love the cover. Add me to Twitter
    And to your websites


  9. Maz

    Loved the names for the lights, brilliant. I think the cover is really good.


  10. Penny Friday

    I like the new cover for Kilty Conscience; but it doesn’t ‘feel’ like it matches with the title. Maybe a different title? Like ‘Kilty View’ or ‘Kilty left behind’.. Also agree with another comment that the Kilt needs to be larger/brighter – maybe reduce the author name font just a smidgen.


  11. Kandice

    Somehow I don’t think he turns off hanky panky when the lights go out 😉



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