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9 Responses

  1. Val

    He’s a keeper! He feeds you and makes you laugh.


  2. Diane

    That gave me some wonderful pictures in my head and had me cracking up here, He is definitely a keeper, just for the fun of him trying to do that 🙂


  3. Linda

    That’s hilarious! Tell him if he wants to be romantic, feed you chocolate instead 😉


  4. E Strati

    And if you put that in a novel would it fly? Bwahaha! I’m still giggling! HUGS!!!


  5. Yvonne Westwood

    Oh. You’ve got to love him for that! Hope he gave you a rub down after too 😉


  6. Arlene Werner

    That was really sweet. I love it!!!


  7. Sherry Surdam

    He sounds like a lot of fun!! And imaginative. I agree with the others, he’s a keeper!


  8. Corinne

    The first “Blog that!” had me throwing back my head LOL! Not what I’d call “romantic”, but you’ve got to love someone who makes you laugh! Did the fruit taste of shampoo or soap?