Moist Turkey Burgers – Kitchen MacGyver

Kitchen MacGyver is at it again; and somehow I managed to make truly moist turkey burgers.

No seriously, they were actually juicy. They didn’t taste like packaging stuffing.  That’s impossible, you say. The truly moist turkey burger is a fairytale,  a myth — like the lost city of gold or Keanu Reeve’s acting skills. But I swear to you, I think I found a trick.

As usual, I was trying to make something edible out of the utter crap I had left in the house after three weeks of dodging food shopping like I was a 1940s gumshoe and it was my landlord.

What I had to work with:

  • About a pound of ground turkey
  • A few cloves of garlic (which had already begun to sprout more garlic. I felt guilty killing them when they were pregnant. There are probably laws against that.)
  • Onion powder
  • About a half a cup or a more of two day old salsa I had made from tomatoes, cilantro and hot peppers from our sad little garden

I took all of the above, and some salt and pepper, threw them in the food processor and mixed it all up. Then I cooked them, of course, just in a pan with a little olive oil.

They were fantastic! I think part of the charm was the use of the food processor, which I’ve come to realize does give burger of any kind a really nice texture you can’t get just mixing things with your hands. This is a bonus, because mixing greasy meat with my hands is sort of a pet peeve of mine anyway. The other key I’m sure was the salsa, which, naturally, would not have to be homemade.

I have stuffed turkey burgers with cheese, added olive oil to the mix, soaked them in butter, cried my own tears into them (because what I really wanted was a greasy mess from Chili’s Takeout)  – but this was by far the most moist.

Try it tonight – and let me know if you have any turkey burger tricks of your own!

** The picture is just a stock photo to make the blog look pretty. I do not have a crinkle cut mandolin blade for making those fries. But after Googling how they cut crinkle cut fries, I have to admit I’m thinking about getting one now...

Amy Vansant

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  1. Amy

    This post is from this summer (but I’m new to your site) so you may be over the turkey burger craze until it starts to warm up again, but I always put marinated, chopped mushrooms in my turkey burgers. They’re naturally moist. Time willing, I like to chop them after they’ve spent a little time on the grill, bout 3 minutes on each side, to add the grilled flavor. Portobellos are my favorite, doused with olive oil, garlic, whatever makes you happy. I’ve never used a food processor – will try now – but would probably work the mushrooms in after the fact, with a wooden spoon, as I too abhor touching raw meat.


    • Amy Vansant

      That is a good idea, but much to my chagrin, my husband doesn’t like mushrooms (I love them). Slowly changing his mind. . .



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