Win $100 and free books galore!

So this newsletter is all about free stuff!

  1. Another big giveaway for book “gift baskets” – this time for Mystery/Crime novels of various sorts!
  2. $100 giveaway!  <—-WHAT?? Scroll down!
  3. A bunch of other random books for free or greatly discounted!

Yay! Too hot to go outside. Might as well stay in and read!


Win up to TWELVE Crime/Mystery eBooks!

(2) Grand Prize Kindle Virtual “Gift Baskets” of ALL TWELVE eBOOKs!

(10) Winners of Individual Books (randomly selected titles)

Summer Solstice
 Splash ‘n Cash Giveaway!
$100 Grand Prize
(Amazon Gift Card or PayPal Cash)
Sponsored by:


Finally, some of my author buddies are giving away or greatly reducing their books – so here’s a list of them below!

Murder & The Monkey Band
FREE 7/28 through 8/1
Get it on Amazon
You Are My Sunshine – Historical Romance FREE NOW!
Get it on Amazon
New release, special price 99 cents – Starrella Falls
Free today – Cozy Mystery! Killer Christmas
In the Stars – Free Today!
Get it on Amazon
Free Cozy Mystery!
New Release Today!
Need some old-timey trivia?
 Hook, Line & Stinker – FREE!
Get it on Amazon

Amy Vansant

5 Responses

    • Roseanne lively

      Do you have any books to give away? Would love to read one….


  1. Jackie Skidmore

    I really appreciate authors’ generosity in offering free books, so please don’t think I’m whinging.
    However, not all your readers are US-based and can buy from
    Unfortunately books that are free on are not always free on


    • Amy Vansant

      Yep, that’s a bummer for us too. All sorts of things go into setting up these promotions and sometimes things get missed or aren’t possible. Sorry if I had you linking off to things that didn’t work for you!
      PS: My England-born editor always says whinging – which I’m guessing you all say as “whining” but in my head I read it “Winjing” 🙂


  2. Sharon Braswell

    Followed all the 10 featured authors by Twitter for extra chances to win! @SharonBraswell1
    Thanks for an awesome Giveaway!! 🙂



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