Name a Bar and a Woman in Pineapple Turtles…Win Audible Subscriptions & Deals

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A Woman Walks Into a Bar…

Once again I need your help naming things in an upcoming book! This time I need two things for Pineapple Turtles…

  1. Name My New Heroine

    I need an interesting name for a clever, kick-butt woman detective. Right now I’m calling her “Hunter” but that seems a little too heavy-handed. What I’d like is a very UNIQUE name because there’s a chance this will become the name of the heroine in my NEW series! When people hear it, I want them to think of my books. (So, like, Mary wouldn’t be a great name.) I was going to spend a bunch of time researching cool names but then I thought, eh…why not ask my clever readers?!

  2. Name a Bar

    Once again I have to name a bar too, and you guys are always good for those!

Just fill out the form below — I’ll pick winners (both random and ones I like) and the top TWO (one woman name one bar) will get autographed print copies of Pineapple Turtles and about 20 of you will get free copies of the ebook!

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(2) Winners of Three-Month Audible Subscriptions
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Start Date: 11-28-2019End Date: 12-03-2019

Her Work was Everything (Zachary Goldman Mysteries Book 7)

By P.D. Workman

Usual Price: 4.99 Sale: FREE

There’s something going on at Drake Chase Gould. The death of intern Lauren Barclay is just the tip of the iceberg.

Start Date: 11-17-2019End Date: 12-17-2019

Beware the Violet (The Eulogimenoi Series Book 1)

By Maria Vermisoglou

Usual Price: 3.99 Sale: .99

Discovering supernatural creatures are real is one thing but learning I have powers and learning to use them is quite a feat.My name is Violet Webb. I live in a small town that nearly worships Halloween but I hate it. I can’t wait until I graduate and get as far as I can from that silliness.Everything changed when I followed the white rabbit. I ended up in a Realm full of vampires, fairies, witches and every creature possible.Oh, Did I mention Jacques?The hot shapeshifter with the French accent that makes me see rabbits everywhere?Now what?Some bloody lady of Fate gave me a prophecy to get home. The only problem is that I must defeat the darkness before it swallows both of our worlds.Can I go through without making the ultimate sacrifice?

Amy Vansant

One Response

  1. Amy E Conley

    Amy, no place for turtle’s name. I think most ppl will say “Tommy”, but I say “Toady” the Turtle!



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