Name My New Leading Lady (and win books as usual)

Time-Traveling Highlander – now there’s a novel idea…

I’ve asked you to name bars in my novels, now you can name the leading character of my new series! I’ve searched/replaced my new lady’s name three times now, and rather than spend a bunch of time pouring through baby name websites, I thought I’d let one of my fantastic readers pick a name.


You’re writing about what now?

Wait, you say. Weren’t you supposed to be writing the next Slightly Stalky or Pineapple Port book? Yup. But I had this idea and got all excited and here I am on chapter 15 of a sexy time travel romantic thriller (with plenty of humor). A hottie Highlander comes to modern day and has adventures with an equally beguiling lady who is also a “fixer” for a Hollywood studio. All sorts of subplots and intrigues I won’t get into right now…

The title?… (drum roll please)

Kilty as Charged


I’m looking for a name that is feminine and cool. She’s a pretty saucy chick – tough and smart with a tender side she likes to hide. But can she hide it from the clever, intuitive mysteriously orphaned Highlander, Brochen?

I doubt it.

So help me find this woman a name so he can say it, all breathy like in her ear…

Submit a Name



And then go win some books!


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    • Marilyn

      I’m very good at frantically getting nothing done at any time. And when I finally finish, my favorite thing to do is sit down in my ‘mother’s rocking chair’ and read. I’m so glad I’m retired and can do nothing legitimately without feeling guilty.
      May you feel the blessing of retiring, too, when you grow older, but not necessarily old!


  1. Anita Harris

    I am more into straight up horror, than murder mysteries. I will read a horror book that uses suspense as a theme, but it has to be really good. Like some of Stephen Kings works or Dean Koontz’s works.



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