Name the Hurricane, Women Sleuths 99c Sale & Giveaway

I need your help naming a HURRICANE in the upcoming release of PINEAPPLE HURRICANE (now available for pre-order, releasing JUNE 1!)

This storm is arriving early in the season to cause havoc with the Pineapple Port crew, so I need the name to start with A, B or C.

Just fill out the form below — I’ll pick winners and the winner will get an autographed print copy of Pineapple Hurricane and 20+ of you will get free copies of the ebook!


Win up to 20+ eBooks or Paperbacks!

(1) Grand Prize “Gift Baskets” of ALL eBooks!
(20+) Winners of Individual eBooks (randomly selected titles)


Start Date: 04-18-2020End Date: 07-18-2020

Virtually Harmless

By P.D. Workman

Usual Price: 4.99 Sale: New Release

Micah lived a quiet life, her involvement in law enforcement limited to the composite pictures that she produced with her computer and colored pencils until she involves herself in the case of an infant found abandoned in the Sweetgrass Hills.

Start Date: 04-20-2020End Date: 05-16-2020

Ferryl Shayde

By Vance Huxley

Usual Price: Free Sale: FREE

How many people have a tattoo that teaches them magic?
While trying to outrun the local bully, Abel trips over a stone slab and something wakes up.

Start Date: 02-24-2020End Date: 05-24-2020

Telepathy of Gardens (Reg Rawlins, Psychic Investigator Book 5)

By P.D. Workman

Usual Price: 4.99 Sale: New Release

Reg hoped to be able to take some time to relax and recover. But the warlocks in her life are making things increasingly complicated, they have nine kittens to find homes for, and gardening turns out not to be such a relaxing diversion after all.

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5 Responses

  1. Linda Bye

    Well to go along with the times…why not HURRICANE COVID


    • Janalyn Prude

      That’s a good one Linda or maybe hurricane corona, LOL! So funny!


  2. Ro

    Until I saw the ABC thing, I was going to say Penelope because it’s very close to Pineapple. Then I thought of Covid or Corona but figured 20000 other people would as well! So, I went for the middle letter and came up with a name that isn’t usually on the tip of anyone’s tongue, except maybe the rock group, Queen.


  3. Betsy Snow

    For a mystery as awesome as your Hurricane Calamity



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