Name the Villain Winner, Dogs and Giveaways

For my “Name the Bar in Pineapple Land War contest (two contests ago, for those of you keeping track of my “thing naming” laziness) the winner, a lovely lady named Val, received a signed paperback copy of Pineapple Land War and was kind enough to send me a picture of her dogs, Autumn and Konk, checking it out!

(She noted that there is a cow on the cover and Konk is taste-testing.)

And now…The Winner of the Name my Villain
in Kilty Conscience (Kilty #2) Contest!


Congrats JeanMP! I’ll be sending you a signed copy when it’s released in about a month!

How much fun was this! I liked having it in the comments so everyone could see the entries and play along. Rune just tied perfectly into something I was working on for future plot stuff.

And 10 winners of the ebook version – people who had names I had on the short list…(if you didn’t have a full name I added a piece of your email so you know it is you. “DewAnn” and “Montzalee” I’m guessing there are only one of you… 🙂

Kathleen Garley  | Molly (blutxcat) | Kim (brougher) | Norma (erazo49) | Montzalee | Allison A (Buzymom) | DewAnn Therrion | Andrea Hilton-Bartulla | cody smith-candelaria | Tanya (vines)

Thank you so much for your help as always!!

And just for you – this week TWO BIG GIVEAWAYS!



And of course, my AXP giveaway – this week – HUMOR!

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5 Responses

  1. cody smith-candelaria

    Thank you!!! I am so excited and Rune is an excellent choice! Good job JeanMP


  2. Molly

    Woohoo! Thank you! Glad to be one of the 10 who won the ebook! Can’t wait to read it!


  3. Edna

    Good choice! It sure caught my eyes as I scrolled thru the answers. Congratulations!


  4. Allyson A.

    Thank you! I thought this was so much fun, and interesting to see what names everyone came up with 🙂



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