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Naples, Florida

Mike and I took a quick vacation to Naples, Florida, where apparently they hand out Porsches and Bentleys to everyone who moves there. The place was beautiful and wildly out of our league, but it was fun to pretend for a few days.

If you’re ever there picking up your free BMW, be sure to stop at Tulia – we try never to eat the same place twice but had to repeat our visit there. Fabulous Italian food! We also really enjoyed Jane’s Garden Cafe for breakfast after we took our morning walk through the mansions.

One night we weren’t sure what to do and BOOM! they had a Christmas parade right outside our porch at The Inn on Fifth. That was awfully nice of them.

The hotel’s location couldn’t be beat, but they hung a phone next to the toilet where the toilet paper should be, and turning to find that phone every time just about drove me crazy.

If I REALLY needed to dial down to room service while I was on the toilet, I’d have even bigger problems.

They gave us this nice “no moleste” sign to hang on the the door to keep out any handsy politicians, actors, producers and directors who might be in the area, which was very thoughtful.

After that, we left swanky 5th Street and went to a beach hotel to get more of the beach vibe for the last two days of the trip. It was cold by Florida standards, but it was 35 degrees back home, so we weren’t complaining!

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4 Responses

  1. Kerry Gochnour

    Thanks for the tip on getting a new car! I’ll have to remember that if we ever again happen to get south of Orlando. 🙂


  2. Dana

    Hmmmm, I must live in the wrong part of Naples since I drive a 2009 Hyundai Accent hatchback.


  3. Wendy

    Went to a wedding and NYE celebration in Naples in 08. So much fun! Definitely had to purchase new clothing. Way too warm for my wedding choices. One of the best Florida trips I have done!


  4. Ann Marie Meadows

    Hi! Glad you had a lovely trip! It was a bit chilly and we loved it ourselves!! I agree with Dana, I’m driving my Hyundai Santa Fe and must be on the Santa’s Naughty list for Bentley or Porsche!?
    Going to try again this year..(scribbles madly) ?
    Happy Holidays!



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