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It’s out! Have fun with your favorite house show cliches in the new Pineapple Port Mystery PINEAPPLE HOUSE HUNTER

New Release – Save $3 for a Limited Time! Regularly $5.99

A funny, clean, and gore-free small-town, female amateur sleuth series, but with all the pulse-pounding excitement of a detective thriller.

When Declan and his uncle Seamus find a dead woman in the master closet of a house for sale, Seamus hopes that means he’ll get a deal…but private detective Charlotte Morgan is more interested in why the body has a note pinned to its chest:

Where are you going to keep YOUR clothes?

When another body with a second note is found at a listing held by the same real estate agency, Charlotte is hired to find out who’s trying to ruin them. The handsome owner of the agency has a way with the ladies… is one of his jilted lovers out to demonstrate just how angry a woman scorned can get?

Too bad Charlotte’s neighborhood “moms,” Mariska and Darla, can’t help with this mystery — they’re on a treasure hunt bound to cost them their weekend… and maybe their life!

Pineapple Lies: A Pineapple Port Mystery: Book One (Pineapple Port Mysteries 1)Pineapple Lies: A Pineapple Port Mystery: Book One  FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!  kindle unlimited logo

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Book one of the laugh-out-loud mystery series from Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY Best-Selling author Amy Vansant. If Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum and the Golden Girls had a baby, it would be the Pineapple Port series!

It’s bad enough finding a body in your back yard—especially when foul play is pretty much a certainty. But when you discover the bones are somebody’s long-missing mom, it’s tragic. And if that person is the hottest guy in town, you’ve just made the world’s worst first impression!

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It seemed pretty simple.
Cater an event on the island of Kauai
For wealthy businessmen
And then spend some time surfing and sunbathing.
When the beautiful Asian talk show hostess,
The wife of their client,
Is targeted for murder,
There goes the Hawaiian vacation!

When Dani and Arthur agree to cater a special dinner party in Kauai, they plan on doing nothing afterward but show Anna, Dani’s ten-year-old niece, how to surf and snorkel. It didn’t quite work out that way.

They’re thrust into the investigation of the attempted murder of their host’s high-profile wife. His resort compound, where he and his wife live, is impenetrable, so who would have had access to her bedroom and her pillbox?

Sit back and take an armchair trip to Hawaii while Dani and Arthur search for a motive – and the person who wanted to kill the host’s beautiful wife!

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