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Now Available for Preorder – The Girl Who Was Forgotten – Shee McQueen Mystery-Thriller #2

NEW – SAVE $3!

Bonus: Fans of Pineapple Port are not going to believe the cross-over surprises in this one!!!

“If thrills, twists, turns, suspense, fast-paced books, and humor are your cup of tea, this series is for you!”

Packed with thrills, fun, romance and heartfelt family intrigue.

Life was supposed to start feeling like a permanent vacation.

After years on the run from a vengeful killer, Shee McQueen is home at her father’s beach hotel. The Loggerhead Inn doubles as a retreat for sunburned tourists and a haven for recovering ex-military — men and women who help right wrongs for people in need of their particular skills.

What could be more relaxing?


…Shee’s estranged boyfriend — the only man she’s ever loved — has discovered her darkest secret and the reason she left him so many years ago…
…or her first job for her father has ended in a double homicide…
…or that her very presence is driving the hotel’s regulars to prove their worth by starting dangerous covert missions of their own…


It couldn’t be a botched kidnapping is started looking more like the work of a deranged serial killer?


Maybe hold the tanning lotion.

This might take a minute.

The Girl Who Was Forgotten is the second explosive mystery-thriller in the Shee McQueen series, but can be read as a standalone. While the book has all the pulse-pounding action of a thriller, language, romance and violence is rated PG.

The unique female lead’s funny, irreverent and all-too-human asides will have you rooting for her — and her whole pack of wild, wonderful misfit friends — until the breathless end.

Fans of Harlan Coban, Carl Hiaasen, Tim Dorsey, James Patterson, Sue Grafton, Kathy Reichs and Janet Evanovich will love this exhilarating page-turner.


Take the Cozy Mystery Cover Poll

I’m running a poll on to see what makes the perfect cozy mystery cover. I ran it yesterday with the AuthorsXP readers and Pineapple did NOT do well. Grr. So I think I’m going to redesign again. Apologies to the couple people who told me the skull was a bad idea back in the day!!

It’s hard because Pineapple Port is cozy but not SUPER cozy, so cupcakes and bakeries and SUPER sweetsy stuff doesn’t work. But I also don’t want to terrify COZY-cozy readers away because Pineapple isn’t bloody or scary either.

Here are two covers I like that I think cover that “cozy but not too cozy” feel:

I added them to the poll this morning but I forgot to add them yesterday. ARG!!! 600 responses and I didn’t get to hear back on these two. ARG! ARG!

So if you’d like to let me know what you think about these two, or take the official poll (I’ve since added them) please do — I’d really like your input!!

Check it out and get free books just for taking the poll!

Your Moment of Archer

Archie can be a handful, but at least at the end of the day, he has the good form to cover his face in shame and lay like that long enough to let you know he’s really sorry.

I swear he did this himself. We were on the sofa, watching and wondering if our dog is broken. 🙂


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    Just FYI… I just tried taking the poll and got an error that said, “ReferenceError: can’t find variable e.” (Just wanted to let you know in case you’re not getting many responses to the poll.)



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