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I’m 55k words into the first book in my new Jupiter Beach mystery/thriller series and I’m hoping to have it released in August at the latest. I’m going VERY SLOWLY because I want this to be my blockbuster!

The main character is the woman you met as “Hunter” in Pineapple Turtles. Spoiler Alert: That’s not her real name. 🙂

While extra thrilling, a little grittier and a little sexier, this book will still be clean, so fans of the Pineapple Port Mystery Series should still love it. (the cursing might upgrade (downgrade?) to the occasional *sh*t*, because frankly, it just isn’t realizing some of these characters shout “Gosh Golly Gee!” when they hit their thumb with a hammer. If you like my Kilty series, it is something like that without any paranormal aspect.

Here’s a synopsis of what you’ll find!

Siofra wants a home.

Forty-five year old Siofra McQueen returns to her father’s hotel, the Loggerhead Inn in Jupiter Beach, FL,  after being on the run from an assassin for over twenty years. Her father said it was safe to come home, but she finds him in a coma, shot in the head by an unknown sniper.

Things look grim, but this is no ordinary hotel, and Siofra is no ordinary woman.

Siofra spent most of her young life working as her father Mick’s partner, bounty hunting military criminals for the Navy, but when someone put a bounty on her head, she went into hiding to protect her loved ones. Her unusual upbringing only trained her for one thing, so using a string of aliases, she became a freelance angel of sorts, helping individuals and local law enforcement solve difficult crimes and capture criminals.

Siofra wants a cocktail and a nice long nap.

Home again, she discovers her father has turned his hotel into an island of broken toys for military vets looking to redeem their troubled souls by helping others. She doesn’t know if Mick’s new mission or the return of her own attempted assassin is responsible, and it doesn’t help that Mason, the young SEAL she fell for at eighteen, has finally tracked her down, too.

With the help of Mason and the hotel’s unusual and deadly staff, Siofra wants to solve the mystery and bring a monster to justice. She’s lost decades, lost people she loves, and lost herself on the road.

Enough is enough.

She can’t run anymore.

Siofra wants revenge.


Let me know what you think and anything you’d like this book to have that maybe you’ve been missing from my other series! (or more of whatever you have been getting from my other series that you like best!)

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My buddy Larissa Reinhart’s Maizie Albright Star Detective novel 15 Minutes!
She played a detective on TV, but now that her life depends on it, can Maizie Albright play a detective for real?

For fans of romantic comedy mysteries – Hot Mystery Reviews’ “Top 10 Mysteries for Book Clubs”.

”Child star and hilarious hot mess Maizie Albright trades Hollywood for the backwoods of Georgia and pure delight ensues. Maizie’s my new favorite escape from reality.” (Gretchen Archer, USA Today best-selling author of the Davis Way Crime Caper series)


A Matter of Deception by Dianne Harman

Miranda’s mother had wisely cautioned against her getting involved with a werewolf,
Particularly an Alpha werewolf.
But when you’re a Paranormal Investigator walking in two worlds
And you’re also attracted to the local chief of police
It’s pretty hard to know just which world to live in.

This is the fourth book in the Miranda Riley Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series.

Artzy Chicks Cozy set from June 9-13 ONLY  .99!

Do you like to laugh?

Do you like art and fun-loving people?

If you do, come and meet Lily, LauraLea and the pets at the Art Galley where a group of eccentric, talented but zany artists create in their Art Gallery at a Five Star Mountain Resort. Lily and LauraLea venture out to solve serious crimes and find themselves smack dab in the middle of the most wonderful, glittery and yet the most awfullest situations possible.

Don’t miss the sleuthing fun times of the Artzy Chicks with their unlikely of sidekicks; Gawd Almighty, the opossum, Vino, the wine loving yellow Labrador retriever, and certainly last but not least, a snake eating cat named Rembrandt.

Peaches and Scream by Chelsea Thomas

Life’s a peach. Murder is the pit.

Peaches are back in season at the orchard and everyone’s got that warm, fuzzy feeling.

Miss May throws a “Peach Party” to celebrate. The whole town turns up for the bash. They munch on Peach pie, they drink Peach Sangria. Everything is, well, peachy. Until…

…a dead body turns up in the bakeshop.

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8 Responses

  1. Jan Alexander

    Ohhhhhhh, this sounds like a winner. Looking forward to it!


  2. Mary

    Amy, I am really looking forward to your new series. Does this mean Pineapple Port is complete? Your writing style is a blend of mystery and humor and a pleasure to read. I hope por Pjneapple Port friends DO NOT GO AWAY.


    • Jennifer Taylor

      Please say that there will be another Kilty book. I just finished all of them in about a week and am dying to know where they go from here.


  3. Barbara

    Sounds good to me. Can’t wait to read it. Occasional swear words don’t bother me as long as it adds to the story and makes it real life. Gosh Golly Gee just doesn’t do it and sounds fake to me. Its a very rare person who says that and no one I know would say that. Swearing just to swear does nothing for me


  4. Tanya

    Looks great! For some reason I didn’t get your newsletter ? It dawned on me it had been awhile so I came in search of clues…
    Am I still active on your list?


  5. Pat

    This sounds great! Just finished Pineapple Hurricane and loved it, as always. Can’t wait to hear about this new one.
    I haven’t been getting your newsletter either, so I’m signing up again.



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