New Year Puppy

Happy New Year…?

2021 seems MUCH better, eh?

Well, for what it is worth, I’ve made some New Year changes. I’m not approaching work with a AAAAH GET IT DONE FOR THE DAY!!! attitude — allowing myself to get up from my desk and putter around a bit here and there instead of trying to get all my work done by lunch (I get up at 4 am). I’m one of those people who usually like to eat all the cake first so I can enjoy the icing at the end, but my “save the best (all my leisure time) for last” attitude was causing me stress. Plus, my hips apparently don’t like sitting for eight hours straight the way they used to…

We had an eagle visit. The ospreys, (Matt, Maggie and Max) were not happy and promptly chased him away, but not before I snapped a couple of photos. 

I’ve been doing a lot of cooking including homemade eggnog, lots of smoking meats, and pies that ALMOST made it to Christmas before I sneaked a piece from them (mince and apple). You can’t tell though. It’s all about marketing. You just say: “They’re Pac-Man pies – they’re all the rage in Paris this year.”

And I’m more than half finished the second book in my new Shee McQueen Mystery Thriller series!

And most exciting of all… I have a puppy on the way!

This is Archer (he’s a Sagittarius like his future mommy and daddy). I’ll be posting more info here (ad nauseum, I’m sure) when I actually have him in my hot little hands. For now, I only get what you get – a back and front photo. He’s a Bordoodle (border collie/poodle). He’s actually Bordoodle/Poodle which makes him an F1b (less chance of shedding.) He’ll be coming home beginning of Feb!



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Amy Vansant

18 Responses

  1. Pat

    Archer is adorable. With a little imagination he has a heart on his nose. So with being a Saggie and his heart nose you should have the most lovable doggie. Good luck enjoy the lickie kisses. I do so enjoy your your emails with their animals and your adventures.


    • He does have a little pink heart on his nose! And he’s beautiful. Congratulations on your new puppy!

      He does have a little pink heart on his nose! And he’s beautiful. Congratulations on your new puppy!


  2. Wanda

    Archer is so adorable! I agree with Pat, I can see the pink heart on his little nose. We lost our 4th Golden Retriever in October and Archer almost makes me want another puppy. We still have our Terrier mix and he is a handful enough. But keep those pictures of Archer coming and he may just persuade me over to the puppy side.


  3. Donise Cinnamon

    Your eagle pics are so cool!

    Archer is such a cutie! I would be cuddling him all day long! I like the less chance of shedding part, too. I look forward to seeing more pics and hearing more about him.


  4. Patricia Boadle

    How cute, and what a great mix. Going to be smart ,playful and loyal. Best wishes for a long healthy life for your new buddy.


  5. Kelle

    He’s darling! He doesn’t look too thrilled about getting his picture taken, but he’s absolutely darling! Hello, baby!


  6. Susan Aceto

    Where there is a puppy, there is mucho love! My son is a Sagittarius but the puppy will probably be much more fun:) Congrats and keep the pictures coming



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