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Stir-Crazy Facebook Party

How’s everyone? This is CRAZY, isn’t it? Hopefully things will start to turn around soon… in the meantime I hope everyone is safe and staying healthy! To try and break up some of the monotony of quarantines, I gathered all the authors on my website and we’re running a non-stop Facebook party on the AXP Facebook page.  There will be tons of books for free and on sale in every genre, as well as author introductions, flash giveaways… Swing on by and see if you can find something to help you get through this mess!

No, he’s a NAVY SEAL. Totally different thing.

Put on Your Thinking Cap!

I’m making progress on my newest book but I need a name for my hero. You guys were so good at naming my heroine I thought I should ask you about this too!

Just fill out the form below — I’ll pick winners (both random and ones I like). One winner will get an autographed copy of my new mystery The Girl Who Wants (when it is released) and about 20 of you will get free copies of the ebook!


He’s a retired Navy Seal and he grew up in Charleston, SC. (so he’s southern). And of course he’s hot, capable, protective, loving, funny… The only thing he isn’t is NAMED!

Science Fiction Giveaway!

Cozy Mystery Sale and Kindle Fire Giveaway!

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  1. Andrea Stoeckel

    Darn, I thought we were naming the cutie pie in the picture 😉



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