Odor Removal for Drunks

odor removal

Odor removal for every kind of animal (even your husband).

Most people look for odor removal solutions for pet odors.

When I was contacted by CritterZone about their odor removal wall unit, my first thought was not dog odors. My furry baby never smells, and when he does, he smells like love, which, incidentally, is a combination of ear wax and dirt.

No, I thought of odor removal for drunks.

There is some combination of wine and garlic that smells like year-old zombie B.O., which I discussed in the loving story of my husband’s stench. If, on the rare occasion that my husband smells like death, I had an odor removal product, that could be handy.

Plus after seeing this picture I really, really wanted to get a ferret.

CritterZone does work. Mike was particularly stinky one morning, so I ran the unit in our bedroom, and an hour later there was no sign that a 175lb man carved entirely out of garlic had died in there.  I’m not a big fan of using smells to cover other smells, and CritterZone’s odor removal process is odor removal, not odor covering  The official word on how it works:

The CritterZone Air Naturalizer makes energized versions of the natural elements already found in the air. It puts them to work, causing a series of reactions, just like the ones that happen naturally outdoors. These energized elements are given the power to clean up the air and help get rid of odors, allergens, mold and bacteria.

There is a bit of an acrid smell, particularly in the beginning when the unit is destroying stank at a higher rate, but this lessens quite a bit if you leave the unit in the wall silently running all the time as suggested. Plus, knowing people with cats, I know anything is better than the smell of a cat box.

odor removalWe also thought it helped with our allergies.

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12 Responses

  1. Anna Crist

    I’d love that…I have 3 ferrets…Beeper, Sadie and Bumble!


  2. Ann Warren

    Between my dog, my husband and two cats I am assaulted by horrible smells daily. I literally woke up from a dead sleep this morning going what the hell is that smell? If this works, I will figure out how to give it a blow job in gratitude.


  3. SharonF

    No matter how often we clean the litter boxes, they still seem to smell some. They are in the basement, so maybe the dampness has something to do with the smell.


  4. Lugh

    My wife would really love it if I won any kind of odor remover. But it’s for the pets.



  5. JessieJ

    I would love to have this. We love our two dogs, but they sure can get smelly. Thankfully, my husband never stinks.


  6. Michele Drier

    Wow, don’t have a husband, but I used to have ferrets. They’re just too cute!
    Do you think it would work on the skunk family living under my house?


  7. Kathy Kyzer

    So the frat boys decided to play beer pong in the private dining area of my restaurant on college night. Subsequently, said dining area now reeks of pumpking, (seasonal ale) axe body douche, proactive, sweat & testosterone.

    Oh can you help me with this wonderous stank swag?

    Many thanks, Kathy


  8. Nina Potts

    With 7 dogs, 7 cats, and a bearded dragon, we’d try just about anything at this point. (we’ve tried diapers, but you try putting diapers on a very hostile blind cat thats not declawed).



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