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20 Responses

  1. Barbara Hackel

    I find Amazon is getting too demanding of their sellers. They seem to be applying rules arbitrarily, and sometimes retroactively. Are they pulling our previous reviews that have the now “wrong” wording? Should we be editing reviews?


      • Sandra

        Can see where a free book is great and you know saying that book is good would be a nice thing to do if you did enjoy it and if not say why. I don’t see anything wrong with someone doing that.


    • Kathryn Dean

      I want to thank you picking me on the free book. I would like it sent to my Kindle reading app if possible. or send a link to my main email and I can then download it to my android phone with the Kindle reading app. thank you so much.


  2. Judy Weaver

    When I read a review of a book, I really don’t care if that person got it for free, won it, or paid for it. How I get the book really doesn’t affect my review. Why can’t we just write the review and leave out how we got the book?


    • Amy Vansant

      I suppose you can, in theory, but it is FCC law that reviews on products the person received for free be labeled as such. That’s why I made up the ” “I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review” – it covers FCC rules and Amazon rules. Now if you say nothing with the FCC or Amazon know? Probably not. But if it is a review on a book Amazon knows the reviewer didn’t actually PURCHASE on Amazon, then that makes it suspect. And if a book has hundreds of “unverified” reviews like that, they might get really suspicious. OR if a reviewer seems to always post unverified reviews, that person might be yanked as suspicious. *sigh*


      • Nina Potts

        Which is annoying for the “unverified” book reviews. I buy a large portion of my books at a local bookstore and a 2nd hand store I love. I get a few from amazon, but not nearly as many. People are able to leave reviews for other media/art like movies and music without having to purchase it.

        I do understand the whole reason the unverified reviews are more scrutinized now, way too many bad writers paid for for their rating, not to mention the sometimes crazy hordes of hate reviews by people who never read any of the books (I don’t understand their motives beyond their “we’re trolls and writers deserve it”.

        I have received some really really amazing free books, and some meh ones. Most of the time it’s just that a type of story didn’t appeal to me. I’very been luck to not have enough to Wade through hundreds of pages of bad writing fromy anyone who gave me a free copy.


      • Patty Michinko

        I have to get it KU in order to review. So why do I have to say I got in exchange for a review? This is ticking me off. I have authors and book pages hounding in stop it seems for reviews..and it’s not my fault..why it take over a week to post my review. Even when NOT ARC?


  3. Judith Anderson

    I like the new policy, I have sometimes bought a book based on reviews only to discover it is a real stinker and assume the five star reviews that lured me to spend money are either an extensive family or people who got the book for free.

    I hope that this change will lead to more honest reviews.

    As someone who has reviewed free books, I have always tried to be honest but have also felt a sense of gratitude to the author as well and hated it when I had to be negative.

    I am also thankful for the many happy surprises other reviewers have led me to read.


  4. Debbie T.

    When I leave a review, I am always honest. Even if it is a free book. I am one of those people who loves good storylines and suspense, romance but I don’t care for a lot of bad language. It doesn’t help the books and it makes me not want to read anything else of that authors. But I think if a book is given to someone free, they still should be able to leave a review. I know that my sis and I have paid for quite a lot of books. It isn’t like we only get free books to read.


  5. Donna Farris

    I have the Kindle app for Amazon on my phone and love it. I buy books, belong to kindleunlimited and also read free books. I don’t like so many rules and think this is just one more “unnecessary” one we and the authors have to endure. I suppose I can add my “I have not been coerced to read this free book” to my reviews… whatever it takes to make everyone happy.


  6. Kathleen Costa

    I have saved the quote you provided, and will add it to may reviews. Thanks for informing us of this policy.


  7. Dawn Kramer

    I don’t feel your demanding a review. I feel it helps out the authors and helps sell your books. I thought you were going to say if we received the books free they wouldn’t accept the review. Is amazon the only one do this?


  8. Meg

    When I leave a review for a book I wasn’t incredibly impressed with, I usually try to think of audience clusters who would enjoy it and gear the review towards them. We all have different tastes. Now, if the book was poorly edited, and written in a sloppy manner – then I tell it like it is. Hoping, of course, that the author will take the criticism and grow. I don’t like that writers can’t request a review in exchange for a free copy. The author’s I’ve received ARC’s from have always been very forward about ensuring that a review can be negative, or only a few words – five stars and essay length reviews are never mandatory. I think authors should also be able to do giveaways with extra entries for reviewers as a way to say thanks. I guess that’s way out of bounds too. Sigh.


  9. Kathy Church

    I got an email today from Amazon saying they would be pulling some of my reviews for free books. Haven’t checked to see what they pulled but it did say that I wouldn’t be able to re-review them. Hate that for the authors since I only give good reviews if I like the book regardless of whether I bought the book, got it free or from the library.


  10. Nina Potts

    How… what… how..
    did I miss the announcement of the 3rd Angeli book???


  11. Patty Michinko

    Amazon has gotten me banned from reviewing by a bunch of authors and reading pages..They pulled over ten reviews..Wtf?..I have to get KU version or can’t write a review. Can’t review free ones..I have too much REAL LIFE BS and Hames going on..I want to enjoy books and share how I felt and experiences reading the books. I’m starting to lose my love for books now.