Personalized Photo Holiday Card Ideas for People Without a Bunch of Adorable Children

Every year I get a slew of cards from friends and family covered with adorable photos of their children.  For the first few years I thought they were graphic design geniuses, and then I figured out they made personalized cards on, which is really easy.

I knew they weren’t that talented.

Problem is,  I don’t have kids.  So, I wondered… how could I use all those cool holiday card templates to create my own cards? No one wants to see Mike and me on a card. They can barely deal with us in person; they’re definitely not going to pin us to their refrigerator.

So, using Minted’s designs, I came up  with a few ideas… (PS: for your own, look here for Minted coupons)




If the male stripper is a little racy for your audience, this might work better:




I’m not what you call a “huggy” person, so I found this one terrifying as is. But I found a way to make it worse. It’s a talent of mine.


This one allows you to show off your skill with homophones…ho


This one you can send to your artsy friends who are always dropping obscure literary references…noel


This one works particularly well for me…spirits


I might actually make and send this one…stalker


Luckily they have about 40 billion design options to choose from at Minted – because not all card work for all people.wiener


Remember when Robin Thicke wasn’t a douche bag? miley


Or, if you do have a lovely family, send the card with the kids on it. But at least say what you mean.


 99 cents Nov 3-10!



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Amy Vansant

11 Responses

  1. Stephanie

    I get ridiculous xmas pics of my dog done, then make cards on Walmart site and send them to everyone. Strangely I haven’t received any family photo cards in a while….


  2. Sarcastic Ninja

    You have just given me ideas to send both to my single lady friends and my Scottish whisky aficionado friends this year. Thank you.


  3. Jan Moyer

    I am unreasonably excited to see that picture of Bobby Vinton – my parents had all his records and my mom had that hairstyle for a while in the early 80s.



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