Pineapple Turtles Cover Reveal, Today Show Segment, Giveaway and Book Deals

Pineapple Turtles is on the Way!

And here’s the cover!

I’m finally typing away on Pineapple Port Mystery #10 — Pineapple Turtles! In this book Charlotte will travel to the east coast of Florida, where you’ll meet the characters from my new series. (And the Pineapple Port crew stays behind to deal with an issue of their own.)

Where I live here in Jupiter I’m very close to the Loggerhead Marine Life Center, featured on the Today show about two weeks ago. They released a recovered turtle and you can track where she swam after leaving here on this page, which is pretty cool! You can also see the Today show segment on that page — Mike and I walked right by them setting up on the beach and then came home and watched the spot on television

— we should have stayed and waved at you all while they were filming but we didn’t know at the time they’d be filming (they’re always doing something down there).


Anyhoo, hoping to have this out end of Nov. but I’d have to really speed up production… worse case Dec… though I sort of hate to release things in Dec. when everyone is distracted with the holidays…. we’ll see!



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Amy Vansant

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  1. Barbara

    I like the new book cover. Took me a minute to figure out the pineapple head though. As always, looking forward to reading it. New location means new characters. I still owe you a Kilty review that I hope to get done this weekend. I’m always behind anymore



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