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7 Responses

  1. Irene Gray

    Thank you for the recipe.
    My Russian background gave me a real appreciation of these little delicious mouth bites. My lovely aunt made them with some ground beef & hard boiled egg (all mixed in together) before filling the little circles. She also pinched them closed after sealing them all around by pinching the smaller corner edges together. The rest of the recipe is just like yours. I look forward to trying this very soon.


    • stanley cholaj

      I have never heard of pierogi with hard boiled eggs. Thats a new one on me.Being Polish The four kind of pierogi we do are 1.Sauerkraut and wild dried mushroom farcie . 2.Cheese and potatoes.. 3 Minced beef and pork mixed. 4 Black cherries ..
      We boil pierogi first and the fry the lightly. The cherry ones served with cream. Great taste and the one with sauerkraut and mushrooms we have on Christmas Eve supper as this is a fast and meatless day. So there you are.


  2. KatyM

    Yum! I cook by feel, too, even baking. Remember, just because your baked goods aren’t consistent doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. You aren’t a restaurant so consistency isn’t important, taste is


  3. Susan Gromis

    Your pierogies were made exactly right! I can never get mine to stay pinched shut, so I always lose a few in the boiling process 😂! Thanks for sharing your story!


  4. Gail J Morris

    thank you for the recipe! -can’t go wrong using a ton of butter. I had to laugh about the Kitchen Aid Mixer. Many years ago my nephews wife commented that she finally felt like she was part of his family because she’d gotten a Kitchen Aid Mixer.