Practical Joke for Thanksgiving – The Eggciting Surprise

No one appreciates a practical joke like your parents.

Last time my parents went on vacation, I took the bag of stuff she hid in the stove and replaced it with a pile of ash to teach my mother a lesson after she told me not to “go over to her house and turn on the stove” while she was gone. *sigh*

This time, just a practical joke to brighten their morning… Trick easily pulled if you’re taking eggs to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. And really, what is Thanksgiving without the Thanksgiving omlet?

I doubt your artwork will be as amazing as mine, but try not to let that get you down. I was just born oozing with artistic talent. Make the little speech bubble and tuck it in with the eggs and close the lid, so when they open the box it sort of springs back up. You could have it say anything…

  • “AAH! She’s HUGE!!” (not nice if owner of fridge has put on some pounds recently.)
  • “Quick! Hide the drugs!” (if you want your parents to be really disappointed in you for a few days.)
  • “I Love Great Adventure! Wheeeeee!”
  • “I TOLD you the bacon would give us up!!”
  • There is no God. Only a giant woman in a housecoat. Life is absurd. My eggistential sadness is complete. (for English majors)
  • If this egg crate drops under 55mph, we all die!  (The eggs are actually better actors than Keanu Reeves.)
  • This is a Practical Joke! Get it??! We’re faces on eggs! Eggs don’t have faces! Ha! (for really slow people)
  • First in a chicken’s butt, now THIS??


practical joke


Amy Vansant

9 Responses

  1. Molly Schoemann

    I love this trick! Especially because I have a faint heart and like practical jokes that are more funny than cruel. Also, eggs clearly have unlimited comic potential.


    • Amy Vansant

      The best part is I practiced on a box at home, and now every time I go to get myself an egg I’m like “What the — Oh!”


      • Molly

        …Oh man, that sounds a lot like me. That might actually be why I like less mean practical jokes; I often end up playing them on myself inadvertently.


  2. Francoise

    I hope those eggs won’t fly over your face when your mom’s over surprise seeing them.. lol.. it’s better to crack a practical joke but we should avoid being violent.



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