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And Angeli was picked as a Romantic Fantasy pick on RomanticPicks!


Well lots of things have happened, but I keep forgetting to post them. One thing – review from Paranormal Romance Guild:



Book: Angeli: The Pirate, the Angel & the Irishman

Author: Amy Vansant

Publisher: Vansant Creations

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy / Paranormal Romance

Rated Mature

This book started out making me laugh. It begins with the main character, Anne, sitting at a restaurant table. The young man sitting at the table next to her sits with her after his girlfriend leaves for a moment. It turns out the young man is being possessed by a friend of hers and is there to deliver a message. He decides to kiss her, and stop possessing the young man, right as his girlfriend is coming back. I just had to laugh at the reaction from all involved.

Then the story jumps to the past and how Anne became a Sentinel. After that the story jumps to her meeting with Michael (an Angel) twenty-five years after her becoming a Sentinel, which is rather amusing. Many many years later, she meets Con, another Sentinel, that meeting is amusing too. He just can’t believe she’s not falling at his feet. There are so many fantastic characters in this book.

As the story continues we end up back in the “present day”. They are trying to figure out what is going on. They have a mass grave with no entrance and a weird Perfidian attacking. Turns out the Perfidian is someone they know and almost unstoppable. There are all kinds of exciting things happening, and the book keeps you guessing what will happen next.

This story is great. I would recommend this to anyone who likes this type of book. There were a few minor editing errors, but they were easily overlooked.

Review by Heather Gabriel

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team


A tweet that made my day! Thank you Erin!!

Erin Ronald‏ @bbmcg78 Finished #Angeli by @AmyVansant. Soooo. When’s the sequel? Like, I need it as bad as Con needs 4 morning whiskeys. What an adventure!


Took some time off to promote Moms are Nuts Amazon countdown – in the meantime got a great comprehensive review!

Lanie’s Reviews > Angeli – The Pirate, the Angel & the Irishman

Angeli – The Pirate, the Angel & the Irishman  by Amy Vansant (Goodreads Author)


Lanie‘s review

Aug 26, 14

bookshelves: favorites

Read from August 16 to 26, 2014
Angeli-The Pirate, the Angel and the Irishman is a wonderful story that plays with several genres mixing them perfectly. This story boasts everything from fantasy and suspense to time traveling with some history thrown in.Our main heroine is Anne Bonny, a 300 year old pirate turned Sentinel tasked with the protection of humans and destroying evil angels aka perfidia. Anne doesn’t do this job alone, with the help of her Arch Angel Michael, fellow Sentinel Con and assistant Jeffrey she travels the world tracking down evil. Michael is the handsome angel who has an off and on again relationship with Bonny, not sure how to or if he wants to have a real relationship with her. Poor Con wants to be with Bonny but has some issues keeping his hands on a body;). Jeffrey is very much the comic relief, he’s young, obsessed with pirates and not afraid to pull pranks on our heroine from time to time. The story starts out in the present introducing our heroine and what she’s up to in the world today, but quickly slips into the past. For the first portion of the book the story stays in the past and moves forward quickly jumping from one event to the next. It’s super easy to follow though because Mrs. Vansant has made them appear like journal entries providing dates and places so we know what’s going on. During this time we learn how Bonny became a sentinel and how her relationship with each man progressed. i thought it was a wonderful idea to fill out the background this way, you get everything you need to know and see how Bonny changes over time. Anne Bonny is probably one of the best, if not THE best Sentinel the Angels have working for them, but all her talents may not be enough to beat this new foe. It’s present time and a mass graveyard holding hundreds of bodies is found underground, only problem is there’s no way in our out. They’re not facing another normal perfidia anymore, this monster is nothing like anyone has ever seen before. While everyone’s trying to hunt it down and figure out what it could be, it’s got it’s eyes set on Anne Bonny. Angeli-The Pirate, the Angel and the Irishmen has become a new favorite of mine! I love the mix of characters and the fun that comes along with them. It’s such a fun idea to mix pirates, angels and irishmen together and move together through history and see what happens. Mrs. Vansant did a marvelous job creating a great story that leaves you wanting more. She’s created a fantastic blend of mystery, action and humor in this quirky tale of a Pirate Sentinel. I received this ebook in exchange for an honest review, these opinions are my own. 😉


Made a new best seller list — Fantasy –> Metaphysical/Visionary. Guess all that research I did on mythologies and chaos theory is finally starting to pay off! bestsellermetaphysical




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Goodreads Book Giveaway

Angeli - The Pirate, the Angel & the Irishman by Amy Vansant

Angeli – The Pirate, the Angel & the Irishman by Amy Vansant

Giveaway ends July 25, 2014. See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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Long time no update! I’ve been working so hard on marketing I forgot to update the marketing page… Well, I have 25 reviews now, all 4s and 5s, which is awesome! I’ve been as high as 15,185 overall on the Kindle Best Sellers list which may not sound awesome, but kinda is (to me). I’m getting tweets like this:

Change in plan! Reading by & IT’S AMAZING!!! Can’t put it down! God I hope this becomes a series!

Which TOTALLY make me giggly. And the realization that I should probably start on a sequel has hit me and now I’m terrified because I want the second book to be even better than the first like The Empire Strikes Back and not like Jaws 2, y’know? Plus I have a rom-com “Slightly Stalky” that I’m 66% done… do I finish that first? Arg. Then I read a note from another author on GoodReads who has 4 books out in the last 4 months. WTF?? SHE IS MAKING THE REST OF US LOOK LAZY.

Oh! And I had a blog spotlight on Cherry Mischievous, so thank you to her!! Plus it made me realize how much I love the word “mischievous” – I’m going to have to use that in the next book somewhere. Maybe twice.


Hello! I’m giving away 50 free copies of Angeli and 15 free copies of Moms are Nuts in exchange for reviews! Hurry!


Well, I now have 14 reviews on Amazon – whoo whoo! Getting reviews is BRUTAL. Please write a review if you read this. Please. Please. I’m begging… I was also interviewed on an author-interview blogsite.. which was very nice as well!!


Angeli, Moms are Nuts and I were featured in the Annapolis Capital Gazette today! Here’s the link – not sure how long it will be available online, so here it is below too…

Around Annapolis: An angel, a pirate and an Irishman walk into a bar…

Amy Vansant had a dream. Literally.

“It sounds silly, but I had a really elaborate dream that I thought made a good story,” Vansant said. “As I started to write it, it morphed because once you start saying a dream out loud, it always ends up making next to no sense, but that was the nugget that started Angeli.”
The end result is her most recent book published last month, “Angeli: The Pirate, the Angel and the Irishman.”
The story centers around a member of the Angeli race who are similar to guardian angels. After members of the Angeli start to kill humans, pirate Anne Bonny and Con the Irishman are called in to help stop these rogue Angeli.
“It is a contemporary fantasy/parnanormal romance,” Vansant said. “It is in the vein of the Sookie Stackhouse novels — there is a lot of adventure, humor and, of course, a love triangle between Anne Bonny the pirate, an angel-like being and a nearly immortal Irishman.”
“You always need a love triangle between immortal beings, right?” Vansant added, in her own quirky sense of humor.
Her personal style is evident in the first chapter of Angeli, which is posted on her website as a sample of the novel. The local setting of the novel comes through as Anne contemplates what she should do after taking a break from New York: “Should she pause in Cape May? Or should she take the ferry to Delaware?”
The first chapter explains all the backstory that you need to know, fluidly and elegantly while still giving the audience a nice visual of Anne relaxing in a cafe. Until Con, the disembodied Irishman, steals the body of a nearby man so he can simultaneously flirt with Anne while telling her of the oncoming danger involving Anne’s new romantic interest, Arch Angeli Michael.
“There’s a bit of mystery thrown in as they try and discover who is at the root of all the trouble,” Vansant said.
The writing process is nothing new to Vansant.
Her first book, “The Surfer’s Guide to Florida,” was published in 1994 through Pineapple Press and includes the wave patterns of Florida, locations for surfing and interviews with Florida’s most prominent surfers.
Her next writing endeavor was as the editor and author of humor anthology “Moms are Nuts,” which features a collection of short stories from comedians and humorists commenting of their mother and mother figures.
After this, Vansant began to write “Angeli” on and off while starting a humor blog to get herself back into the habit of writing about four years ago.
“The more significant part was that I’d been a writer for years, a freelancer and the East Eoast editor of Surfer Magazine, but I’d stopped when my web design business, Vansant Creations, took off,” Vansant said. “This dream reminded me how much I missed writing.”
Both “Angeli” and “Moms are Nuts” are published by Vansant Creations.
The Annapolis resident included many local landmarks and businesses in her novel, including The Maryland Inn, Reynold’s Tavern, Main Street and Rams Head.
“Even the Rams Head’s ghost Amy is in it!” Vansant said.
The story, which spans over 300 years, also features the pirate Anne Bonny, who was a real-life pirate in the 1700s and operated in the Caribbean. Since the novel spans such a large amount of time, other historical figures come in and out of the story.
She is at work on her next book.
“I have a new one nearly finished called ‘Slightly Stalky,’” Vansant said. “It is a humor chick-lit novel about relationships.”
Vansant said all she wanted from writing this novel was the good feeling that came with being back behind the pen.
“Oh, and to become rich and famous, naturally,” she said.
For details, visit or follow her on Twitter @AmyVansant.


GoodReads Giveaway “Angeli” winner is from Estonia… Now how to explain to Mike that I need to mortgage house to mail it…! 836 people signed up! Thank you everyone! estonia



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Angeli - The Pirate, the Angel & the Irishman by Amy Vansant

Angeli – The Pirate, the Angel & the Irishman

by Amy Vansant

Giveaway ends July 03, 2014. See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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Word is getting out! Readers are Tweeting me pics – so exciting!


Today I spent some time on GoodReads joining author/reader groups and generally hanging out because my dog and the dog I’m babysitting conspired to wake me up at 3:30am. If you’re a GoodReads member, please remember to review Angeli there! And please friend me – ask me anything!  Find me here!

angelitee-seriouslyUPDATE 6/24

I’ll be having a GoodReads giveaway that starts next Tuesday… just FYI… Also, Angeli Tee Shirts are available now! Get them alone or with an Autographed copy of the book!  Oh, and I realized I misspelled the word “persnickety” on the back cover AAAAARG!!! I’ve put in for a change but I’ll have 20 RARE MISSPELLING BOOKS which will probably be worth MILLIONS some day.


Paperback and Kindle are now linked on Amazon. All is right with the world…  I am searching for


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Angeli: The Pirate, the Angel & the Irishman is now available on Amazon! Still waiting for the Kindle and the Paperback to meld into one listing, but they’re there!


I found a WONDERFUL lady to do the artwork for my upcoming novel and I’m just so damn excited I wanted to share it. The lovely artist is Donna Murillo – you can see more of her work on her web site here:  If you’re in the market for a book cover I can’t recommend her highly enough. She was an absolute joy with which to work.  And how hot is the Irishman?!

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