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18 Responses

  1. Abby

    I’m concerned for you, only because I see a flaw in your logic. Where’s the mouth hole for food entry? You MUST redesign this before registering for the petri dish patent…


  2. Phil

    I’d be careful with those Lysol pictures-there seems to a be a ‘thing’ right now with pictures of people using various chemical weapons (pepper spray, tear gas, etc.) on defenseless people. Maybe you should plead the fifth.


  3. Lance

    Im one of those jerks that has kids. I suggest taking a cute from my serial poisoner Millicent, and going over with innoculation and antibiotic syringes.

    At least your gloves and masks matched what you had on. Fashion > sickness


  4. Michelle H.

    PLAGUE CARRIERS! ALL OF THEM! Seriously, I was taken out this Thanksgiving by a friend’s small petri dish. She gladly gave me tonsillitis. And as I found out with chicken pox, childhood diseases SUCK as an adult.


  5. Jessica

    I learned that lesson the hard way too. Anytime I visit my nephews I take like 12 airbornes. …Which coincidentally puts you in a great mood and makes whining and crying a lot less annoying too. Double win!



    This is exactly the approach I wanted to take, but my wife pointed out that I probably couldn’t legally purchase napalm.


    • bschooled

      Safety first, indeed!

      Wait, what were we talking about?

      ps. I burst out laughing when I saw this the other day. Of course I couldn’t comment at the time, but being my soul sister I’m sure you felt the drops of red bull (or, should I say, “toro rojo”) shooting out from my mouth.


  7. Maria

    A friend of mine got the flu from her ex-husband spending time with her kids! So, it’s not just kids, it’s exs, too!