Question: What US State has the Biggest Bad-Asses?


What American state has the biggest bad-asses? And I don’t mean out of shape tushes, so don’t immediately start thinking about our beef eating friends living middle of the country. What I mean is this:

If every state in the union had a contest to pick the top ten biggest home grown bad-asses in that state, and then entered those top ten bad-asses in a contest where then 500 people were dropped on an island (10 from each state) in a contest of survival – what state would win?

My thoughts immediately run to Texas and New Jersey, though I could be biased having grown up in New Jersey. I say Florida is out, due to the old people count, but Mike says there are some serious swamp men in Florida you have to take into consideration.

Let’s say each group of 10 gets one or two hand guns with 6 bullets each. Let’s say each bad-ass gets a small knife just so they don’t have to spend a lifetime slowly bludgeoning each other to death. It’s a free for all Most Dangerous Game for the honor of your state.

So please weigh in. What state wins and why?

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  1. Newton

    California has a terminator as governor, but marrying into the Kennedy clan has probably made him soft and drunk. I believe Kaiser Soze moved from Turkey to New York, making NY the early favorite.


  2. skippy

    Without doing any research.. I would have to say Alaska. bunch of freaks up there.. have you seen the show “alaska state troopers” .. i mean these people self police their towns.. which can be hours away from the nearest police station… via sea plane, 4 wheeler and SUV… and we all know in the winter it stays dark all freaking day.. for months.. wtf!?!


  3. Daniel

    Yeah I’d have to say AK – but NJ and IL are right there with the freaky bad-asses – or corruption? Oh now I’m confused.



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