Real Estate gone bad… some book specials from friends and giveaways…

Looking for houses online, you see some really weird photos. Like this one, where the person clearly collapsed while taking it:

“I’ll sell this house if it’s the last thing I— GAAGH!

It’s too hot to do much more than read in an air conditioned corner, so here are some books in series you might like! And then the usual giveaways and free stuff!

And I’m really, really REALLY almost done Pineapple #5! I swear!

Knickers in a Twist (A Trailer Park Princess Cozy Mystery Book 4)

The first book in the Trailer Park Princess series is FREE! (and available everywhere!)

AND there are two free short stories for newsletter subscribers on her website!

A British silver fox has moved into the Belle Court Retirement Center, and octogenarian amateur sleuth Viv Kennedy is crushing on him hard. Unfortunately, he appears singularly unimpressed with Viv’s overnight adoption of every British phrase she knows (and a few she’s, admittedly, unclear on.) Maybe if she and Salem Grimes can solve the murder of the hotshot TV reporter Peter Browning, she can catch his eye. The fact that Peter’s death has not been ruled a murder is a minor consideration.
Salem is certainly willing to help Viv land Nigel the Brit. After all, it will make her best friend happy. It will also make her husband happy — Tony is under the impression that if Viv finds a man and settles down, Salem will stop chasing bad guys down dark alleys with her. But Salem doesn’t know if that will make her happy. She knows she isn’t really a private detective. Shoot, she isn’t even any good at the chasing bad guys down dark alleys part. But after a lifetime of floundering, she’s finally found something that makes her feel like she’s contributing to the world.
As Salem and Viv do their durndest to tighten a noose around a killer who may or may not exist, along with working “crikey” into every conceivable conversation, Salem finds herself wondering where her gifts are and what God’s plan for her life could possibly be.

NEW RELEASE! Murdered By Plastic Surgery: A High Desert Cozy Mystery – 99c

From USA TODAY Bestselling Author and seven time Amazon All Star Author:

Planning on having a little “work” done? What if after the facelift you looked like a lot of other women in the area? Could you murder the plastic surgeon who did the work?

Someone in the wealthy Palm Springs area murdered the plastic surgeon, but who? Was it one of his former patients disappointed with the result of a facelift? An associate, jealous of the doctor’s success, and who wanted more money so he could buy a bigger yacht? His administrative assistant who had spent the last twenty years of her life hopelessly in love with him? His wife, because he’d decided to divorce her? Or even his ex-wife, who had custody of their children, and would inherit a lot of money if he was dead?

With so many persons of interest, what’s needed in this case is a psychic, and fortunately the police detective’s sister-in-law, Laura, is one of the best. Join Police Detective Jeff Combs, his wife, Marty, who happened to be in the process of appraising the doctor’s antique Shaker furniture collection when he was murdered, and Laura, as they try to determine who killed the doctor.

As always, plenty of food, recipes, and dogs. Enjoy!

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  1. Laura M

    Even weirder – the bedroom has been set up in the living room! You can see the front door and the railing and stairs of the front hall.



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