Removable Ears, Pineapple Port Everywhere and TONS of book giveaways and sales

Wow I have a lot of things for you today!

First, a funny story (to me, less him…) about my husband’s ear…

Hubby has some things going on that have been making him feel lousy lately, but he also had a basal (pre-cancer) spot, about the size of a dime next to his ear, which he let get too far ahead of him. It needed to be surgically removed, but he didn’t want to go until his other issues improved.

Nah…I said. Get it done now, I said. It’s just a little dot — you’ll be fine…

So he goes.

Whoops. –>

And he comes back looking like Hannibal Lector tried to cut off his face and eat it with some fava beans. It looks like he tried to go full-VanGogh. He looks like that guy in Men in Black where Will Smith twisted his ear and there’s a little alien guy living inside his skull. (which I’ve long suspected in my husband so… maybe this is proof.)

Needless to say, I’m in the dog house!

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Amy Vansant

5 Responses

  1. Gini Hernandez

    Goodness! Your husband wins the Brave Pirate Award! May the Healing Force be with him. Skin cancer is a constant possibility here in California. We moisturize with Sunblock and inspect every little mole for alien growth.
    Thank you for sharing…it’s great knowing others have similar issues. Not ‘misery loves company’ more like ‘living compassion in progress’.
    I always adore your books! Best Wishes…


  2. Ren Semans

    I’m glad your husband is going to be okay. My aunt’s sister (same age as me) had melanoma on her arm. She refused to get any kind of treatment because she didn’t want to lose her hair. She’s been gone five years now; that’s where putting things off and vanity interfere with life. Another one who did the same thing was my father. He had been having problems for two years and refused to go the doctor (he’s a man and can handle it). When my husband passed away, I begged my father to go the doctor as my husband believed the same thing. Within two and one half years my father was dead from bladder cancer. I asked the doctor if he could have done something when he was first having problems. The doctor told me if my father had gone to get help when his problem started, they would have been able to remove the entire tumor. It makes me sick when I know someone is deliberately avoiding getting help. I will rag on them until they give in and a few people have come back to me and thanked me for being such a “B.” By the way, what I really wanted to tell you was Van Gogh did not cut his ear off, it has been discovered that it was only his ear lobe, but why ruin a good legend.


  3. Tanya

    He can now deny that he’s had a face lift ☺. And thank you for insisting that he go!! Hope he feels better soon.


  4. Gina Johnson

    Your poor hubby. I remember I bugged my husband to to go to the urologist. Well they had to scope him. When he came out he was not happy with me making him go.



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