Resource for bloggers – oh, and I win a prize.

*** Appended… PostZoom is no more.

Every blogger knows the resonating ache of a blog unread.  After all, you put the effort into writing it – surely someone must want to read it?

Sure someone does – but they have to find it first.

This September brought the launch of a new blog aggregation web site,, the noble goal of which is to get eyeballs on worthy smaller and newer blogs that may otherwise spend months — if not years —- trying to build a following of loyal readers.

As blog owners, we found that there are really not many good resources for small to medium size blogs to attract new viewers,” says founder, Eric Castelli. “Further, there are few good resources for consumers to find great blog posts from these writers in a well-organized and defined place.”

Blog owners need only to place PostZoom’s promotional widget on their own site; after that, PostZoom can count hits to blog entries featuring the widget and  ranks blog posts based on how many views the original post received and under which of 50 PostZoom categories the blog might fall.

So far, Castelli has noticed more bizarre or interesting posts do the best, particularly posts with pictures — thanks to the fact that PostZoom offers a thumbnail for each post, and, of course — the waning attention spans of people in general.

Unlike some fully automated sites, PostZoom retains the human element, with Eric and his helpers making final decisions on which posts will appear and which might be a little too racy for the average user.

Hoping to spur some attention for his own site, Castelli offers an $100 prize for the best performing post each month – last month’s winners including My mother tried to cut my foot off!!!!!!!! by Angelika and a humor piece entitled Can You Quit Farmville? Mafia Wars? from

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  1. Nancy LeBarron

    Ames! A hearty congratulations!!! (And thanks for the nice note re: our demise) We will miss you too.


    • Amy Vansant

      Yep – I went by the other day and was like Hmm… but I never saw much traffic from it, and the fact that EVERY time I went that picture of the groady toes was on the home page, it had the stink of death on it for a while…



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