Results of the New Series Survey, Giveaway

The “What do you like in a mystery/cozy mystery series” poll results

Maybe you like shelling. This is TODAY’s haul for me!

It took a while, but I finally managed to go through all the responses from my mystery series survey. I’ve posted them below so you can see what your fellow readers like (from plots to covers to authors you might like to try!)  I really appreciate all your feedback, and I thought of a question I wish I’d asked:

What are your interests/hobbies/spare-time activities? Let me know below!

Knowing more about the things that make you happy make it easier for me to make you happy with my books! If you don’t mind sharing, please comment on this post with the various ways you like to spend your spare time/the things that make you happy! From pets and cooking (which might be no-brainers for my cozy readers) to collecting, painting, specific TV shows — anything you can think of that would help me find common threads among my readers.

One of the reasons I ask is because it turns out people who like fantasy tend to like mythology…and mythology is now a big sub-genre of fantasy. Trying to find the new big sub-genres!


Do you like the beach as a location? Yes

What’s Your Favorite Age for the Lead(s)? Doesn’t Matter/40-50

Do you prefer a man or woman lead character? Woman

Do you like your mysteries to have a bit of romance? Yes

Do you prefer lead rich, poor or in-between? Doesn’t Matter/InBetween

Favorite Elements of a Cozy

  • I love the interactions with the town people. And I love  town or area descriptions.
  • Engaging supporting characters (many times)
  • A comic side kick. Not have to be roll on the floor funny but kinda smartass if you will.  Do not make the lead a dumb blonde or ditzy like. Can’t stand that.
  • I like them to keep me guessing who did it.
  • (many times)
  • A few red herrings. If there is a beach, there must be a storm and a morning after (nothing compares)
  • I like interesting stories surrounding the characters. Their interactions and learning about them through the course of the series. I tend to shy away from those with an underlying story that never seems to be revealed or solved. That causes me to lose interest. And i really enjoy when a loved fur baby is involved. (especially cats)
  • Engaging characters esp if it is a series. Stand alone is not important as I always start with first book and go forward.
  • Interesting hobby or disease or collection. And pets specifically beagles.
  • Not a divorce it’s been overdone and is tiring.
  • A twist no one expects at the end. I hate figuring it out before I’m halfway through the book.
  • Laughter at fumbling self-important cops who don’t listen. Nosy neighbors. Snarky and sassy solvers who irritate just enough to force mistakes.
  • I tend to enjoy cozies with a somewhat accident prone heroine, probably because I can relate to awkward and unusual accidents lol
  • Just keep up with some humor and strong female lead
  • I like to read things that make me laugh out loud but also has a good mystery plot.
  • Pets, bumbling police, silly relatives, amazing best friend…
  • Realistic story line
  • While it doesn’t matter if the lead is a man or a woman, I love the lead to have both intelligence and a sense of humor. Animals are also welcome. I love the plot to be twisty, with the final mystery to be exceptionally difficult to solve, but it MUST make sense.
  • Great, fun characters that are interesting and have a depth to them.
  • I want a real challenge – I DON’T want to figure out ‘whodunnit’ by chapter 3. Cats and dogs -small breed dogs. Books, reading, library, bookshops. No loose ends unless that part of the storyline will play out in the series but it has to be mentioned or setup at or near the end – don’t leave reader hanging unless it’s been setup. I know the writer needs to have clues in the story but not obvious ones. I don’t like screaming at my Kindle cause the heroine doesn’t get it. People look at me funny. I also like magic or witches. I know that edges toward fantasy but I’ve read some good series like that, like Heather Blake’s Wishcraft Mysteries.
  • Overcoming an everyday hardship like we all do in the real world
  • Ones that have a surprise ending
  • Please not too scary, especially the end. Of course there is a murder and the lead character has to fin Age of leads should reflect their experience. Sometimes they’re irrationally young. Good dialog.
  • Lots and lots of sarcasm.
  • I think having a 40 something female main character will give you lots of room to play with everything from aging issues to maybe second life/career issues. Just make sure she has a dog!
  • Doesn’t matter if it is a man, woman or couple. Same for romance. Love a little humor.   Plot twist is good, something unexpected.
  • Quirky characters, bit of snark. Many of us read because we can’t stand to watch TV these days. I ended up reading this genre as I found I was burned out on the heavier thrillers which were mostly attempting to mirror or amplify real life. Basically escapism.  Some quirky characters, a smart mouthed hero/heroine, and little or no gore.  Some of the paranormals are quite entertaining especially those that don’t get bogged down in magic and ritual but are light hearted.
  • I love mysteries with mystical antiquities in them and even some crazy fun time travel.
  • Suspense of course! Laughter but seriousness when needed….I can tell you that I’ve been holding my breath while a serious or pivotal moment builds up…and the character’s sense of humour can relieve the tension…so much that I break out in laughter and wake my husband!  There can be death…a murder….but please don’t involve children as victims. I find those books hard to handle.

What sort of covers attract you

  • Kitty Confidential by Molly Fitz. Cakewalk to Murder by MK Scott
  • I might be a bug as I like bright colors and shiny things
  • Not quick done or cheesey
  • Maybe scary looking house or landscape.desolate or snowy.or a beach with a cliff .
  • I like the covers that does not show a person.
  • The ones that are not cartoons or R-rated
  • Something that involves the story. Carmen Harris
  • No preference as it does not impact my reading as much as the short summary of book
  • Hand drawn, or cartoony.
  • I like those that make you curious to see what inside. Those I always read the synopsis.
  • Not sure, I find that I don’t like too dark or real people for some reason. Illustrated is better and colorful
  • I’ve really liked all of your covers.
  • Small details that somehow pertain to the storyline
  • I tend to go by the blurb first, then remember the cover only later.
  • I love all your covers. Haha. Bright and cheeery.
  • The cover should reflect the book. Think about when a reader has only a cover to judge your book like on NetGalley or perusing Amazon.  The cover matters!  If it looks like a cozy mystery, I will look further but if the cover has a dark or suspenseful look or is silly, I keep going.
  • I am rather sick of covers with shirtless males.
  • I like the new cover designs for the Pineapple Port series. Bright and eye-catching. Not big on the all pastel covers.
  • Bright Colors, Quirky Characters, Teasers. More Illustrated than photographic. Jana DeLeon has some of the best for her Miss Fortune Series.
  • Unless there is some humor in it, I do not like the cartoony covers as much.
  • I like covers similar to what the book shop mysteries have….having said that….I don’t judge a book by its cover….but it does draw original attention….

Authors You Like


  • Amanda Lee
  • Amy Boyles
  • Amy Vansant (I should hope so, it was my survey! J )
  • Ann Charles
  • Anna Celeste Burke
  • Carla Neggers
  • Daisy Prescott
  • Hope Callaghan
  • Jana DeLeon
  • Janet Elizabeth Henderson
  • Joanne Fluke
  • Kathi Daley
  • Mary Higgins Clark
  • Morgana Best
  • Nora Roberts
  • Sam Cheever
  • Sarah MacLean
  • Summer Prescott
  • Tonya Kappes
  • Willow Rose


  • Adele Abbott
  • Alex Ericson
  • Alison Golden
  • Amanda Flower
  • Anabel Chase
  • Angie Fox
  • Ani Gonzalez
  • Anni Gonzales
  • Anni Jayde
  • Bailey Cates
  • Barbara Delinsky
  • Book Retreat Mysteries
  • Booktown Mysteries
  • Carol Higgins Clark
  • Carolyn Ridder Aspenson
  • Cats in the Stack series
  • Chelsea Thomas
  • Cindy Sample
  • Cyndi Raye
  • Deany Ray
  • Debbie Dunlop
  • Denise g Swank
  • Destiny Ford
  • Diane Mott Davidson
  • Diane Vallere
  • Duffy Browns
  • Ellery Adams
  • Ellis Peters
  • Emily kimelman
  • Frances Brody
  • Frances Lockridge
  • Gemma Halliday
  • Hannah Howell
  • Harper Harris
  • Heather Blake
  • Hope Sinclair
  1. A Jance
  • James Patterson
  • Janet Evanovich
  • Jenn McKinlay
  • Jenna Bennett
  • Jordana Sydney Robinson
  • Joyce St John
  • Juliet Blackwell
  • Kate Carlisle
  • Katie Wyatt
  • Lee Hollis
  • Lillian Jackson Braun
  • Lily Harper Hart
  • LL Muir
  • Lorna Barrett/Lorraine Bartlett
  • Lorraine Bartlett
  • Lyndsey Cole
  • Lynne Cahoon
  • Maddie Day
  • Magic Potion mysteries
  • Magical Bakery mysteries
  • Mary Marks
  • Miranda James
  • MK Scott
  • Molly Fitz
  • Mona Marple
  • Nancy McGovern
  • Patricia Cornwall
  • Rae Davies
  • Raven Snow
  • Rita Mae Brown’s “Mrs Murphy Mysteries”
  • Robert Dugoni
  • Rose Pressey
  • RP dahlke
  • Sheila Connelly
  • Sherryl Woods
  • Sofia Kelly
  • Stacy Alabaster
  • Stephanie Bond
  • Tegan Maher
  • Tressa Trent
  • Vicky Vass
  • Victoria L K Williams
  • Wishcraft series

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Amy Vansant
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22 Responses

  1. Rene

    Reading, Cross-stitch , needlepoint, and chainmail jewelry making. I make some of my own patterns from pictures at times.


  2. Amanda

    Love your shells! We are not near a beach but I love to go shelling when I get to one (also rocks when we are on West coast). My hobbies are pottery and sewing (and a lot more – my husband says I have craft ADD). Been trying to get ready for a huge craft show in KY in October but summer has been so busy, I haven’t had the time I had planned on crafting! I listen to a lot of my books because I love to put one in when I am working with pottery or sewing.


  3. Mary

    Spare time hobbies include but are not limited to junk journaling, painting furniture, and lately going through my late mom’s 4 Rubbermaid tubs of family photos she said she was going to sort “when she had the time”.


  4. Charlotte

    Enjoying 2 kittens right now. Watching good preaching. Painting old furniture to redecorate in a room. I love writing but haven’t been very proactive there…


  5. Barbara

    Collecting seashells used to be a hobby until we moved to Idaho. Haven’t seen any shells here 😀 Hobbies include reading, crocheting, gardening, cooking, hiking, so many things to do and not enough time to do them


  6. Betty Wells

    I love to read books, collect everything and anything that has cats on it, listen to music, binge watch my favorite TV shows and do online surveys. I used to have a large collection of shells growing up but I haven’t been to a beach in quite a few years.


  7. Louise White Pledge

    Reading, gardening, playing the piano, doing jigsaw puzzles, watching Jeopardy (very possibly in that order)


  8. Katherine Munro

    Crafting, especially papercrafts and card-making.


  9. Jane Sprando

    I like to paint (mostly seasonal, like Santas, snowmen, Halloween), make greeting cards, read, make seems with my Dept, 56 villages.


    • Jane Sprando

      Make that SCENES and not seems. Darn autocorrect!


  10. Fiona Pinsker

    I like so many things…Reading obviously, all sorts. Art, painting, painting on clothing,patchwork, crochet, knitting, designed knitwear for a while,embroidery. Writing word puzzles ( for a kids magazine for over 30 years) and Ive written several car treasure hunts in rhyme! My chihuahuas. Nature, cooking, eating, scuba diving when possible, photography. Going to theatre.Music…all kinds.Making computer art.Shelling if I get the chance.


  11. Laura Gimpelson

    Stitching, Scrapbooking, readings, watch sea go by



    Love your shells Amy I love reading canning and fishing I love to fish!


  13. Patricia Swayne

    I love to read mystery Thriller Suspence and True Crime. Fantasy and horror. Plus I crochet and play games on my Kindle Fire. Thank you


  14. Betsy Spetich

    Obviously reading is a favorite activity. I also like to garden, visit with friends, and sit and observe/enjoy nature. Yoga. Horseback riding. Play with my cats.


  15. Dee White

    I read a lot. Listen to music — BIG fan of Celtic Thunder, both collectively and individually. Sing. Active in Church — choir, volunteer in the school and the church’s food pantry, act as Cantor and Minister of the Word sometimes. Love “Stargate SG-1”, “Supernatural”, all the Star Treks. Knit — make Barbie doll wardrobes and donate them and a Barbie to Salvation Army Angel Tree every Christmas. Used to breed and show cats.


  16. Wayne Richard Aves

    Well my interests are photography and the Nudist Clothes Free lifestyle so I like to be au naturel when I read easy to do at home for sure.
    I also like WW2 history my Dad served in the Royal Navy on Russian Convoy Escort duty so any books about this I read as well as crime fiction and thrillers.

    Sure hope the “Nudist” thing does not shock anybody


  17. Sandy Weinstein

    i have dogs, so i love dogs, go to dog shows. i also used to ride horses and go to horse shows. i work in my yard. i like going to art shows, museums and watching old movies. i am not really a beach person although i used to be in my younger years. i like to work out and exercise.


  18. Michelle Noble

    Scrapbooking, crocheting, cross stitch, and reading



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