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7 Responses

  1. iampisspot

    Ooops, I posted my comment in the question box.

    Bah, fuck it.

    [Here, I’ve recovered it… KFL]

    Hey! I sent a question. I look forward to your help.

    In other news, why did you blur the details of what you ordered? Was it a liquid lunch?


    • Amy Vansant

      Thank you for your question, I’ll be sure to answer it just as soon as I sober up.
      HA! Just kidding. Kind of.
      Actually I blurred out the part that was the credit card bits o’ info because my friends is a lawyer and can get pretty anal about things like sharing cc# information. FYI, her social security number is –mmmf! Damn it. She just sued me.


  2. Abby

    Obviously the most interesting people are the ones who tell the server flat-out that they used to be a server themselves and ALWAYS make sure to tip 20.3 percent.


  3. Jen

    Gerrymandering is one of the most under utilized word in the English language. I just made that up. Thought it might make me more interesting.


  4. Scargosun

    I submitted a question. I actually work for someone who could slide that word into daily conversation.