Sex in Advertising: 10 Strangely Sexual Booze Ads from the 1940 – 50s

Sex in advertising once had to be subtle.

You didn’ t sell hamburgers using half-naked girls twerking in 1950, yet you were totally allowed to sexually harass the hell out of your secretary. Boy, those were the days!

There was an ART to sneaking sex in advertising back then.  I taught a class once that included a bit on hidden sex in advertising, like the vagina and the dude with the erect penis hidden in the camel of Camel cigarettes. Of course, sometimes sex in advertising, even then, was a little more obvious… To that end I bring you:

Sex in Advertising: 10 Sexy Vintage Booze Ads

sex in advertising

50 Shades of Booze – Why yes I’ll serve you, and you, and *gasp* you…

sex in advertising

Hey Timmy, do you like gladiator movies? Ha! Just kidding. But seriously, do you think I’m sufficiently oiled?


This guy gets away with this trick a lot.




Oh, seamen and their constant quest for “satisfaction…”  Looks to me like “Ballantine Ale begins where other ‘bros‘ leave off.”


You might think the only thing wrong with this party is that they’re serving Schlitz, but look closely.

The woman with the beers just quipped “Are you two playing with your little wieners again?”  But the knowing look between the woman in green and her husband, not to mention the smoldering glare of the man offering the wiener, leads me to believe the hostess is the last to know. Pretty sure the popcorn popper on the table is a fire hazard. Oh, and the dog is clearly a psychopath and is about to eat the cat. Someone might want to stop playing with their little wiener and do something about the dog. MY GOD THIS NIGHT IS GOING TO END POORLY.

“Thank you so much for pouring this for me, I’ve foolishly super glued my hand in my hair again! I am so silly! Sure I’ll get on my knees to make it easier for you to pour. What’s that? As long as I’m down here… what?”


Hey, Bob. We need a spot to take this photo. Can you think of any place featuring some sort of huge metal phallus in the background?


If that dog’s name is Old Smuggler, it explains why that guy looks so nervous.  But all I know, is my life will not be complete until I ask a bartender for an:

“Old Smuggler. You know, Scotch with a History.” *wink wink*

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  1. Jana

    Am I the only one who Googled images of Camel cigarettes looking for vaginas and erect penises?



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