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15 Responses

  1. When I Blink

    “sexy foie gras” – haaaaaaa.

    Let’s think of other foods that don’t lend themselves well to costuming:

    Sexy Queso Dip
    Sexy Salad Dressing
    Sexy Baked Potato
    Sexy Roasted Brussels Sprouts
    Sexy Calorie Replacement Shake

    This is fun.


    • Valencia

      Sexy Calorie Replacement Shake…….you just made my day. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Tiffany N. York

    I mean really, women’s choices are either sexy or frumpy. If I want a costume that doesn’t show cleavage and covers my ho-ha, what are my options?

    Witch, nun, or Flo from Progressive Insurance.


    • Amy Vansant

      We could all just staple notes that say “Love me?” “tweet me?” “Like me? all over our bodies and go as bloggers. 🙂


  3. Lance

    I’m going as Sexy Blogger ….because that’s preposterous, right?


    I need to beg my wife into being Sexy Moe’s Burrito


    • Amy Vansant

      So instead of stapling “Love me?” “Like me?” “Tweet me” to a sweatshirt, just use cloth just big enough to cover your man parts and your nipples that says those things. BAM! Sexy Blogger!


  4. Melissa Marie

    My goal is always to figure out how to wear pajamas to the costume party.

    One year when all my friends were pregnant I dressed up like I was pregnant which was actually very comfortable…unlike real pregnancy, I’m told.

    I’ve also done “crazy cat lady” which included pajama pants with cats on them, and a giant sweatshirt… also with cats on it.

    Really, going to party in something restricting is so 1999. I’m looking for something that transitions well to napping.


  5. Nina Potts

    Now I don’t feel bad about my sexy mouse poop costume idea… getting to casually joke I’ve given someone Hantavirus.


  6. Suzanne Lucas

    They call these things costumes? I had no idea what that French Fries outfit was until you explained it. And that hamburger dress looks like Pocahontas got a bamboo leaf stuck in her midsection.

    She might as well wear an orange dress and call herself a pumpkin.