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14 Responses

  1. Meredith

    Gorgeous site! I just discovered it myself a week or so ago. Nice to see a tasteful website for women with curves.


  2. Carrie

    I am NOT sipping on wine in a teddy while bragging about my four amazingly smart, gorgeous, loveable dogs. That’s just wrong.
    I’m sipping some salted caramel whiskey I discovered. Sheesh.


  3. Jill Esmailion

    Just add a good book and then its a perfect pic!


  4. Christine

    Happy to hear about this company – definitely, on my way over to check out their sexy offerings! 🙂 Of course, who wouldn’t love to win a GC? *Fingers crossed!*


    • Amy Vansant

      You’re the random winner! I’ll let Hips & Curves know to send you the $50 gift certificate!


  5. Alyssa

    If there’s a wine and cheese diet, I’d try it whether there was the promise of weight loss or not.


  6. Mary

    sure too late for “any old thing”…
    salted caramel whiskey? sounds good.


  7. Lilly

    Love love love! I know I wouldnt feel the slightest embarrassed about trying on this stuff cause I finally look like the women displaying the clothing only I don’t have their beautiful bone structure;-)


  8. DogsDontPurr

    I still really wish we could do away with the term, “Plus Size.” Yeah, I’m just being cranky (and also being silly). But most of the gals on the site look more like “Average Size” to me. Saying “Plus Size Models” is sort of like saying “Fat Girls who Look sort of Toned.”

    But, I digress. Yes…I would totally shop there. Did I win?!???