Shee McQueen Mystery Thrillers

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THE GIRL WHO WANTS – A Shee McQueen Mystery Thriller AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER! (Save $2!)

I wrote this novel because my FAVORITE genre is the “light thriller” — I love fights, the pulse-pounding action, clever bad-asses, some twisted darkness — but I can’t deal with detailed descriptions of torture and I like some humor mixed in.  So I’ve take the idea behind my Pineapple Port series (which I consider a cozy-ish mystery) and created thriller-ish!

The series PACKED with action, emotion and intrigue. It is clean (no explicit sex, no major cursing (no f’bombs, no name-in-vain. Sh*t is as bad as it gets – I can’t write a book with military characters and really bad guys without at least giving them that!). There’s some blood but nothing super gory—if people get stabbed during a fight, they bleed. No torture.

NEW SERIES! A wildly entertaining, wholly unique tour de force of action, psychological drama and wit from USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Amy Vansant.

Shee wants a home.
Shee McQueen grew up skip tracing and hunting military criminals with her father, Mick, until someone put a bounty on her head, forcing her underground. Resurfacing years later, she returns to her family’s hotel in Jupiter Beach, FL, to find Mick in a coma, shot in the head by an unknown sniper.
Shee wants answers.
The Loggerhead Inn has everything Shee could want in a beach hotel—sea turtle wall art, a tiny Yorkshire terrier mascot who thinks she’s a pit bull, and her father’s staff of deadly, damaged military veterans, looking to redeem their troubled souls by helping others Not to mention—
Hold on
How did Mason Connelly, the SEAL she fell for decades ago, just appear in the lobby? Why did he have to show up now, demanding answers to secrets long buried?
Shee wants it all back.
But someone wants her dead.
From the moment Shee McQueen appears, The Girl Who Wants straps the reader into a twisting roller coaster ride of heart-stopping action, snappy dialog and intrigue. Shee’s quest to recover the life and loves she’s lost brings a depth of emotion rare in such a page-turning suspense. The unique female lead’s funny, irreverent and all-too-human asides will have you rooting for her — and her whole pack of wild, wonderful misfit friends — until the breathless end.