Shoehorn dream, Pineapple Lies goes wide and GREAT giveaways

My Shoehorn Dreams come true…

First, you may have to sit down. I have some exciting news.

You may or may not remember me waxing poetic about shoehorns a few weeks back. My mother read that post and revealed that she had a shoehorn once owned by my Pop-Pop… and now I am the giddy owner of this baby right here with the duck head. How cool is that?!  —>

Visualize your dreams and they come true. Though in all honestly, I never dreamed to visualize a duck head on top of everything.


Pineapple Lies is Available Everywhere!

I finally broke down and made Pineapple Lies, the first book in my Pineapple Port Mysteriesavailable on ALL retailers! The others in the series will be coming soon I think.

So if you’re a NOOK person and have been feeling left out, ta da!!

99c on: Kobo | Apple iBooks | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | (and always on Amazon)


Three Big Giveaways!

Henery Press is offering a pet lover mystery giveaway that I’m in…

My AuthorsXP is having a monster BEACH READS giveaway, where you can win nearly 70 books…
(it grew after I made the graphic…):

And, as always, each week I give away $20 gift certificates to people just for following great authors on BookBub, Amazon, Facebook and/or Twitter!

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10 Responses

  1. Crystal

    That is one beautiful shoehorn. It looks like something that an English gentleman would keep at his country house (in those Golden Age mysteries).

    I’d watch it around your dog. It’s looks like a fun fetch or chew toy.


  2. Suzi

    That is so cool and a wonderful piece! I have to ask, how did Aunt Snookie get her name? Is she your aunt or is it a reader “handle”?


    • Amy Vansant

      She grew up next to my mom, so one of those “honorary” aunts, not by blood, but still awesome! How can you not be with a name like “snookie?” Hm… well I suppose there’s that Jersey Shore girl…


  3. Norman

    A great looking classic item from a more formal time. Be sure and
    keep it in the family and make sure it’s history is not lost. To many
    treasures have been forgotten and disappeared with time…


  4. Debbie

    That is a gorgeous shoehorn.. a keepsake for sure 🙂



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