Skinks vs. Skanks

My brother-in-law’s family visited this weekend, and after they left, we discovered they left behind a skink in their room. How the little critter got in there, I do not know, but I think when you leave a trail of lizards in your wake, it is time to reconsider your hygiene regiment.

I posted this information on some social media sites and had some people confused as to what a “skink” was, so I made this handy visual guide:



I hope you find this helpful. If your brother-in-law leaves and you find yourself chasing a “skank” around his room trying to trap her so that you can release her into the wild, that is an entirely different problem.

Amy Vansant

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    • Marcie

      Amy, this is a hoot! I thought it was spelled “skenk” already knowing all the skanks around these parts. I have ME/CFS so am often dainbread. Ya know? Love to write about my adventures however. Thanks for the edification, girlfriend!
      Marcie Myers


  1. elle marie

    I know of one skank/stink which came attached with a person my folks regard as “family” or the “extra” son, at least you can have a cvil conversation with this person?



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