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61A04Ra3CML._SL300_ (1)So excited to announce that Slightly Stalky, my romantic comedy, is now available as an Audible!


The book is narrated by the brilliant and award winning Christa Lewis, who gave all the fun, goofy characters just the right spin. Here’s Christa – doesn’t she just look like a party?

christalewisAnd you, my brilliant blog readers, can get it for free! I have 25 free codes from Audible – If you’d like a free copy of the audio version of Slightly Stalky – just send me an email at and say “Hey, send me my free code for Slightly Stalky! Quit sitting there dreaming about your after-work cocktail(s)!” (or just say “I’d like one.” Whatever. 🙂

The idea behind the free codes is to get “book on tape” fans to review Stalky on Audible. If you receive a free code, I’d LOVE it if you’d leave a review ON AUDIBLE. Here’s the link. Or leave one on Amazon if you haven’t already and the idea of creating a username/password for yet another site makes your skin crawl. I get that.

Remember I only have 25 – So let me know if you want one ASAP! And thank you as always!

PS: Just a writing update – I’m taking this month to rework a Young Adult (YA) fantasy novel I wrote in high school into the next Harry Potter. No pressure. It’s sort of Harry Potter meets The Princess Bride. (Well, really more Piers Anthony’s Xanth series meets the Princess Bride). I’m really trying to have it done by Christmas – maybe not in time to buy for Christmas but off my plate and to the editor. Then Angeli 3 (shooting for March 1 and then Pineapple 3 (shooting for May 1). REALLY trying to do a novel ever two months. Though…Yikes. If you all wouldn’t mind running out and buying, oh, I dunno… maybe a million of my books then I’ll quit the day job. Come on. Do a girl a solid. 🙂




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