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Slightly Stalky by Amy Vansant

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A laugh-out-loud, true romantic comedy…. 

  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
  • Age: Older Young Adult/New Adult/Adult (some sexual situations & booze consumption, some mild profanity)
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Author note: This is the slightly true story of now wore my husband into submission.


Emily never expected to find love in a dart bar, but the moment she spots tall, sexy Sebastian, she’s determined to catch his eye. Ex-girlfriends, perpetually shirtless rich boys, frantic best-friends and a mysterious orange handbag converge to stop her.
No one said stalking was easy, but if romance was left to the boys, the human race would die out while they logged fantasy football points and punched each other in the balls.
Everyone knows that.
Emily’s not stalking Sebastian…she’s saving the world.

A few reviews..

I went off-roading from my usual fare of humorous mystery’s and tried this romantic comedy. Honestly I was half way through it before I realized there were no corpses in the basement, or murders in the back yard. That’s because I read Pineapple Lies by this author and loved it so much I basically bought Slightly Stalky without really reading the “back cover”. By then I was laughing to hard and in love with the characters so it didn’t get more than a passing thought. Very well written, great characters – real and fleshed out and as imperfect as the rest of us. Honestly if you like to laugh and tend to not care when others are annoyed at the animal noises you make when you laugh really hard..well here you go!
This author is so clever!! I laughed myself silly at the antics of these characters!!! The inner monologue of the main character is just outrageous and delightfully quirky. I won’t miss any of this author’s books. They are must reads for anyone who wants to be thoroughly entertained.

Slightly Sweaty  (Slightly Series Book 2)
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The long-awaited sequel (works as a stand-alone) is finally here!
Before Emily and Sebastian can celebrate their new relationship, they’re recruited to star in a local reality competition… Where Sebastian’s hungry ex, Greta, plans to steal the show.

A few reviews..

5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant!

Hilarious, laugh-out-loud funny. This book had me in stitches from start to finish. A fantastically well-written romantic comedy that follows on beautifully from the first one in...Read more

Patty Wilderman

719wzoZEbdL._UX250_About Amy Vansant

Amy has been writing and finding other creative ways to make no money since high school.
She specializes in fun, comedic reads about accident prone, easily distracted women with questionable taste in men. So, autobiographies, mostly.
Amy is the former East Coast Editor of SURFER Magazine but the urge to drive up and down the coast interviewing surfers has long since left her. Currently, she is a nerd and Labradoodle mommy who works at home with her goofy husband.

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