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Slightly Sweaty Cover Reveal!

Ta da! I originally wanted a sweaty cover (a exasperated couple jogging through a forest or something) to convey the book is about this new couple competing in a reality TV show with physical trials (like Amazing Race), but I just loved this photo too much.

After stalking him and getting him, I thought her expression fit perfectly. Like “Wow, it worked – now what!?”

Please tell me what you think in the comments below!

And I have another questions for you… it’s been my dream to call this book Slightly Sweaty – it just makes me laugh.

My mother says “Ew.”

So I have an important question for you.

Does the title turn you off?

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I could always call it Slightly Stalkier – because Greta is back to stalk Sebastian and cause more trouble… Or I could save that for book 3… I certainly don’t want people to not buy it because they don’t like the title…

Let me know what you think!

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Kilty As Charged

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Catriona wants to write-off sexy Brochan as a con artist — but a red-bearded thug soon has her worried she could lose everything – including her mysterious time-traveling Scotsman. A Highlander followed her home…Can she keep him?

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A Pineapple Port Mystery series By Amy Vansant: Review/Giveaway/Interview

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HEINOUS HABITS  New Release – 99c!!

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CeeCee Fatal Vacancy


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Parallel Lies

By Georgia Rose

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Maddy has life exactly as she planned it. Enter Daniel, a danger to everything she’s built. She’s hiding a lifetime of secrets & her darkest returns. Can she satisfy the old love while keeping the new?

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By K D Grace

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Susan Innes, scribe, fledgling vampire and prison for a terrifying demon must save her lover, the angel Michael, and her maker, vampire Alonso Darlington, from an ancient enemy bent on revenge.

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The Purple Mask

By Elle Klass

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When her parents die Scarlett is sent to foster care and bounced from home to home enduring abuse, ridicule and bullying. Finally placed in a happy home she realizes darkness follows her.

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Killer Jam

By Karen MacInerney

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Lucy Resnick has quit her job and bought her grandmother’s farm in bucolic Buttercup. But problems are cropping up faster than the weeds… and murder is one of them. You’ll love this cozy, small-town pageturner! (632 Amazon reviews, 4.5 stars.)

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The Banished Saga, Books 1&2

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Immerse yourself in the first two novels of the Banished Saga, where romance, honor, a duty to family, and a desire to live a fulfilled life play out against the backdrop of turn-of the century Boston and Montana. NO cliffhanger when read together.

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Meet a Rogue at Midnight

By Gina Conkle

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Jonas Braithwaite goes home after ten years gone to make peace with his grandfather. But a lushly curved thief hiding in his old bed chamber makes him think twice about leaving Plumtree forever…

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By Ruth Gowan

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A high octane action,Romance, set to a backdrop of deceit, lies and rivalry. the fast-paced, adrenaline fuelled, challenging world of International Rallying. Twists, turns, secrets and lies, this racy story has it all: fast, furious and passionate.

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Deadly Brew (Dewberry Farm Mysteries Book 3)

By Karen MacInerney

Usual Price: 4.99 Sale: New Release

Two witches, one haunted house… and a dash of murder. Will Lucy find the killer in time? Or will she be Buttercup’s next resident ghost?It’s Halloween in Buttercup, Texas, and reporter-turned-farmer Lucy Resnick is up to her ears in more than goats and wayward cows. Not only has her well dried up, but it turns out the old house Lucy recently moved to the farm has a reputation for spooks… and they are disturbingly active. Then a tarot card reading at a local mead winery foretells death… and minutes later, exotic game ranch owner Bug Wharton goes belly-up. Cause of death? Murder, by a fatal dose of bee venom. When the dimwitted sheriff fingers local witch and mead winery owner Serafine Alexandre, Lucy gets involved… and soon discovers that all kinds of things are brewing in Buttercup. And some of them are deadly.

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4 Responses

  1. Linda Moffitt

    I think the name is OK but My 1st reaction was Yuck
    I really Love Slightly Stalkier too especially If the same Character is there and I love the cover above also for the Title Slightly Stalkier
    I also Like Slightly Sweaty for the Reality Couple book maybe with a different cover like you said of a sweaty couple doing an activity or a game


  2. Jan B

    I think the title is funny and cute. Especially with that cover. It took my mind into the morning after 1st time together, feeling kind of funny.



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