Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Review

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Works

home-thumb-custom-whitening-traysWhen I was offered a free Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit, I was undecided. My husband is the white teeth freak. And you can’t throw a stone without hitting a package of whitening strips these days.  There are also dentist office options like Zoom that, while expensive ($600ish), get the whole over-time whitening process finished in about an hour. For Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening, I would also have to make a mold of my teeth, have soft plastic trays made and sent to me, and then walk around with solution in them, pressed against my teeth. But I checked my teeth in the mirror, and as a coffee and wine aficionado (not together), realized maybe I could use some whitening. I decided to give it a try.

Everything I needed came in the  Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening kit (except the white teeth seen in the picture and the clear plastic molds which are sent to you after you make an impression of your teeth). The teeth molding process was easy. I rubbed together two putties that were sent to me in the whitening kit. They were two different colors, and when mixed together, they activated and began to harden. I pretended it was explosive putty and threw a tiny bit on the ground and made explosion noises. That was fun. The dog didn’t think it was that funny, though.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening

Ok, so I take crappy photos, but this is before, worrisome string-cheese effect, and then happily whiter.

I put the putty into blue trays and clamped my teeth into them to make impressions. I let the impressions harden for an hour or so, and then mailed them back to Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening in the envelope provided.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening and Sensitive Teeth

Less than a week later my rubbery teeth condoms arrived. I went back to the Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit and filled them with whitening gel. Also in the box were tubes of desensitizing gel, which I really thought I should use first. I had tried Zoom before, and I’d been in agonizing pain for days afterwards. Whitening strips often left my teeth sensitive as well. I sent an email to the rep from Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening and told him about my plan to desensitize first. He said to try it without using the desensitizing gel. He said I could always go back and use it afterwards if my teeth hurt.

I trusted him.

You can wear the whitening gel-filled trays anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours. I wore them a good hour and a half before my gums felt a little irritated and frankly, I was tired of drooling.

I checked the results and at first, I thought I had left some gel on my teeth. It looked like I’d been eating string cheese all day. That’s when I realized my teeth had whitened unevenly; it looked like I had white gunk all over my teeth. I vowed not to freak out and went back to work for an hour. When I checked back, my teeth were even again.

And…definitely whiter!

That’s when I realized that my teeth didn’t hurt. Any gum irritation had also faded along with the mottling. All in all, the whole thing had been painless, and now I had the trays and a ton of gel left over to use whenever I thought the old choppers could use some sprucing up.

All and all, I don’t have any complaints and I was happy with the results.

I’m not the greatest photographer in the world, but the results above are after just one use. The photos on the Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening site are a little suspect – you don’t have to be a Photoshop genius to figure out that the chin and lips of the people in the examples are brighter in the “after” photos as well. But I can tell you, it really does work. I’m going to use it a few more times until my teeth are so white people hardly even notice the lightning bolt scar on my forehead. Stupid muggles.

You can get it at the Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening  site for $179 – usually $179. This product is apparently the same thing you can get at dentists’ offices for more like $500. What a bargain!

FYI – Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening is looking for other bloggers to try the product. If you’re interested, write for more information!



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Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening

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  1. Sara

    I thought the same thing about the before and after photos, but then you did the exact same thing! Why do you have purple bars over your skin? Likely because you also enhanced your images. What a shame.


    • Dominic

      Thanks for sharing your experience Amy, a patient mentioned this product to me in work yesterday and I was impressed by her results so I was eager to take a look at some real reviews. Thank you.


  2. Lucy R

    Thanks for sharing Amy! Your results look fantastic! I think I am definitely going to have to try a home whitening kit! I want pearly whites too!



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