Snake Attack, 3 Giveaways and Deals & Steals…

Snake Attack!!

Okay, not really but it was kind of exciting there for a second, wasn’t it?

I’m about to make you feel better about snow.

Last week for the “Name the Python” contest I had to use a stock photo of a python (a ball python, which isn’t even big and mean enough to be the python in the upcoming Pineapple Jailbird…). Turns out all I had to do was wait a week and I could have had my own photo to use. (though again, not a python.)

We were on our way for our morning walk when my husband, Mike, reached up to open the gate door and I noticed this guy right next to his hand. Thank goodness he didn’t notice it until he was safely away, because I’ve seen him nearly do a back-flip when a bird few too close to him. He might have literally exploded if he’d seen how close his hand was to this guy’s face.

And in case you think this snake looks pretty cute… try this on for size…. (size being the operative word).

I did a Google search and believe this is a harmless king rat snake (which isn’t surprising since this fence has some rat traps along it…) But why do they need rat traps with this guy around?! He’s clearly eating well. If I was a rat and even saw this fella, I’d be packing my bags like Stuart Little and hitting the road.

So if you’re up north freezing, remember there is one good thing about the cold…No snakes!

GIVEAWAYS! (three of them, actually)

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10 Responses

  1. jennifer beck

    I am glad it was just a rat snake and that everyone is ok!!


  2. Crystal Blackburn

    How did the python naming turn out? Are you going to write about it in a future newsletter or did I miss it in an email?


  3. Mary Jane H.

    Even here in Arizona the snakes are back in hibernation today! It was down in the 30s last night. Brrrrr


  4. Jim

    I live in East Central Georgia. We have an acre and a half near the creek. The “cottonmouth” is what we must always look for. In the garage, deck, trees, azaleas. Be alert every time we open a door. I keep my 870 pump close by. Being retired LEO, 37 Honorable years of service and disabled U. S. Navy sailor I can handle the shotgun even at my young age of 80, 81 in July. Thanks for the contest. You have my entry to read too. Take care all. Good reading too. Jim Cullinan


  5. Cathy

    Yikes, I’m with your hubby on this one! I hate snakes but I seem to be a snake magnet. They always find me and freak me out. Came across a huge gray rat snake on my dad’s property one day, I almost step on the dang thing! Our temps are all the way up to 12 degrees right now in Northern Illinois so no snakes for a while thankfully.


  6. Kit

    I will jump if I am really close to a snake before I notice her, but I like snakes okay when and where I am expecting them. They are not slimy. Most of them are not poisonous, and even some of the poisonous snakes are not normally dangerous to people for various reasons. In the United States, poisonous snakes are fairly easy to recognize. Either the snake is a coral snake, with bright red, yellow, and black stripes, or the snake is a pit viper, with a very recognizable head shape, the snake is not a native snake, or the snake is not poisonous. Pit vipers have broad, flat triangular shaped heads that have much wider sides than the body right behind the head. There is a deeply recessed “pit” in the area near the eye on each side. Other snakes in the United States taper smoothly from the very front of the snake’s head to the main “body” of the snake. Once you have seen a picture of a coral snake and a picture of a couple of different pit vipers, for example any rattlesnake and a water moccasin, you can quickly tell that most snakes you see in the United States are not poisonous. There is another snake with the same colors as a coral snake that is not poisonous, so if want live in the southeast United States and are really interested in snakes, you might want to learn how to tell these two snakes apart. I will look it up if I ever see any red, yellow, and black snake. I have seen a few different pit vipers, and I give them a lot of room to go away. But any other snakes that I run into in North Carolina are not going to be a problem to me, my dogs, or my livestock. They do steal eggs from chickens, guinea hens, and ducks and try to catch and eat chicks and really young ducklings, but mostly cannot eat even a bantam hen. So they are a nuisance but not really scary. I jump out of my skin if I touch one that I did not see, but if the snake is busy sometimes you can grab it right behind the head before the snake notices you and grab the body with your other hand. Boy are snakes strong! Maybe the python should be called Samson!

    I am sure that there are plenty of people that read your books that have caught snakes or had pet snakes or had a friend with a pet snake. In some parts of the world it is probably a lot harder to tell which snakes are dangerous to people, and even here a lot of people don’t know which snakes are dangerous, but snakes are not all scary just because some of them are.

    Snakes are very good at catching mice and rats, too. Rats and mice are much more of a real problem than snakes in the United States and many other places, yet very few people are more scared of mice and rats than snakes! Weird!



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