Something’s Fishy and a Pineapple Port #4 Cover Reveal

Next stop, acid.

Something’s Fishy

Does any one take fish oil for their health? If you do, I have a quick tip for you. Don’t put them  in your pocket and then then wash your sweatpants. My husband, Mike, did this, and so far we’ve washed those pants three times — once after soaking them in vinegar for a few hours — and they still reek. They smell, and almost everything else that was in the wash with them, smells. The whole house smelled like low tide at one point.

If you know a way to get fish smell out of sweatpants, please let me know! (No questions asked.)

We’ve tried:

  1. Baking soda
  2. Vinegar
  3. This stuff (didn’t work) —>
  4. Ordering new sweatpants (this worked)

Pineapple #4 Cover Reveal!

Should be out in about a week!

When real estate tycoon Bucky Bloom is found stuck to the end of a sailboat mast, a land war erupts in Pineapple Port! Charlotte is commissioned to solve Bucky’s murder, but soon finds herself embroiled in a competition masterminded by Declan’s crazy ex, the ever-nefarious Stephanie. 

There’s also a two-legged cat that walks on his hind legs in this one…


And finally, the obligatory giveaway below…

There is also a NEW AXP GIVEAWAY PAGE featuring lots of different giveaways!

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  1. Nancy Goldberg Levine

    Amy, to get the fish smell out of sweat pants, I recommend Don Aslett’s X0 Odor remover from QVC–it’s fantastic. You can put some in your laundry and it’s a miracle! It gets out pet odors, etc. As for the cat, that sounds like a great feline character.



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