Submissions & Sponsored Posts

I’ve recently added a few new sections to the blog, for which I’m accepting sponsored posts or just good old fashion suggestions/submissions from other writer/bloggers. If you are a blogger/writer and think a post on your site would fit under one of these topics, feel free to suggest it to me for inclusion. I can’t afford to pay you for it, but I will link back to your site! I’m not really looking for straight up “this happened to me” type blog posts, more “articlely” type stuff and quick humor sound bites like you might post on Twitter or Facebook.

Sponsored Product Placement – $100

If you’re a company who’d like to promote a product under one of these categories, it’s $100.  For that you get:

  • Position on the home page for 1 month
  • SEO optimized post that will remain on this site under the appropriate category
  • Link back to your web site & any other social media links you’d like to add
  • Images of your product (provided by you.)

All products have to be approved by me for inclusion, so I might need a copy/sample if I’m not already familiar. Contact me at to be included.


Korruption of the Week

Sponsored Product Examples: Wines or Boozes. Decadent Foods: Chocolate, Cheese, Bacon, Candy. Anything fun.

Submissions from other bloggers examples: Cocktail recipes. Yummy food recipes that will make me fat. Anything fun.

Eskape of the Week

Sponsored Product Examples: Hotels. Restaurants. Activities. Destinations.

Submissions from other bloggers examples: Travel articles. Articles about anything fun and distracting to do.

Dork Out of the Week

Sponsored Product Examples: Anything nerdy, dorky – non-typical fashion blog type stuff.

Submissions from other bloggers examples: Article about something that makes your inner nerd giggly.

Kritter of the Week

Sponsored Product Examples: Anything to do with animals.

Submissions from other bloggers examples: The cutest photo you ever took of your dog. A photo of you about to be eaten by a pteradactyl.


Sponsored Product Examples: Everything else.

Submissions from other bloggers examples: Anything I think is bite-sized and hilarious.


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